Oireachtas Joint and Select Committees

Thursday, 19 January 2023

Public Accounts Committee

Financial Statements 2020: Housing Agency
Financial Statements 2021: Approved Housing Bodies Regulatory Authority
Chapter 7: Housing Agency Revolving Acquisition Fund
Section 2 Report – Unauthorised Release of Funds from the Central Fund of the Exchequer

9:30 am

Ms Susanna Lyons:

A concern could be raised with us if the organisation that the Chair is referring to is a registered approved housing body. What he has demonstrated does not appear to be correct in relation to governance, financial management and property and asset management. Second, 95% of AHB organisations are charities, so there is a charitable purpose. Organisations’ constitutions will clearly lay out that they are in the provision and delivery of housing for those in need. Use of the term “hello money” etc. would not necessarily demonstrate that. Within our concerns policy, anybody – any member of the public – can raise a concern with us and it may be a good idea to do that in that particular circumstance.