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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation

Exports Data

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695. To ask the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation if she will provide a statistical breakdown of economic activity from exports to Britain and Northern Ireland on an annual basis from 2014 to 2016 to date. [34604/16]

Photo of Mary Mitchell O'ConnorMary Mitchell O'Connor (Dún Laoghaire, Fine Gael)
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Enterprise 2025, the Government’s long-term enterprise policy is an ambitious strategy, with the objective of delivering growth over the next decade that is sustainable. The objective is to achieve strong export performance that is underpinned by innovation, productivity, cost effectiveness and competitiveness.

According to the latest CSO Trade Statistics, Merchandise exports overall grew by 21 percent to €112,209m from 2014 to 2015. Combined exports to Great Britain and Northern Ireland grew by 13 percent to €15,530m in the same year, indicating significantly higher growth in export markets beyond the UK. Overall, exports to Great Britain and Northern Ireland are falling as a proportion of total exports in the available data from 14.8 percent in 2014 to 12.6 percent in January to July 2016.

Looking at the data by sector of origin shows that from January to July 2016, 47 percent of agricultural exports and 31 percent of total Forestry and Fishing Produce went to Great Britain and Northern Ireland, indicating significant reliance on the UK market in these sectors. Alternatively, just 10 percent of total industrial produce was exported to Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Industrial produce accounts for the vast majority (€61,468 billion, 93 percent) of total merchandise exports.

The latest Services Export data by country is only available to 2014. Quarterly Balance of Payments data to Q2 2016 is only released at the following geographic levels - all countries; EMU and non EMU countries. The 2014 data which is available shows that total services exports to the UK accounted for €20,176 million or 20 percent of total services exports. Sectors with relatively high dependency (higher than 30 percent) on the UK market are Transport (80 percent), Financial Services (33 percent) and Other Business services (32 percent).

Data from the Enterprise Agency Clients shows the following economic activity relating to exports to the UK. The data shows that:

- Irish companies supported by the agencies exported €6,489 million in exports to the UK in 2014, accounting for 41 percent of total exports of Irish owned firms.

- Sectors with a relatively high proportion of total exports to the UK include Agriculture (72 percent), Food Drink and Tobacco (45 percent), Textiles (57 percent), Wood and Wood Products (80 percent), paper and Printing (71 percent), Rubber and Plastics (62 percent), Non Metallic Minerals (80 percent), Metal Products (75 percent), Electrical Equipment (48 percent), Transport (51 percent), Energy (72 percent), Recycling and Waste (61 percent), Construction (over 47 percent) and Publishing and Broadcasting (43 percent).

- Foreign-owned companies supported by the agencies exported €13,127m in exports to the UK, accounting for 18 percent of total exports by foreign-owned firms.

Table 1 Total Merchandise Exports by Country (€m)

-20142015Jan-July 2016
Total exports to Great Britain12,137 13,786 7,338
Tota exports to Northern Ireland1,605 1,744 931
Total merchandise exports92,616 112,209 65,864
GB and Northern Ireland as % of Total14.8%13.8%12.6%
Source: CSO Trade Statistics July 2016 (published October 2016)

Table 2 Merchandise Exports by Broad Sector and Destination (€000’s)

-Agricultural Produce (Euro Thousand)Forestry and Fishing Produce (Euro Thousand)Industrial Produce (Euro Thousand)Not Classified (Euro Thousand)
Great Britain and Northern Ireland3,270,400212,10020149,749,200..
Other EU Member States 2,332,000294,50034,351,600..
All Countries6,644,900687,90084,541,500741,400
GB and NI as % of total49%31%12%
2015Agricultural Produce (Euro Thousand)Forestry and Fishing Produce (Euro Thousand)Industrial Produce (Euro Thousand)Not Classified (Euro Thousand)
Great Britain and Northern Ireland3,529,000212,40011,271,400..
Other EU Member States 2,283,500324,30041,473,100
All Countries6,899,800724,600104,017,600765,400
GB and NI as % of total51%29%11%
January to July 2016Agricultural Produce (Euro Thousand)Forestry and Fishing Produce (Euro Thousand)Industrial Produce (Euro Thousand)
Great Britain and Northern Ireland1,751,200128,7006,087,800
Other EU Member States 1,281,700191,10024,062,100
All Countries3,703,200413,80061,467,700507,700
GB and NI as % of total47%31%10%
Source: CSO external trade statistics (statbank reference 10 November 2016)

Table 3 – Services Exports by Sector and Country (€m)

All countries and international organisationsUnited KingdomUK as % of total
Services total1017502017620%
Tourism and travel365691825%
Financial services8335273633%
Computer services47915613013%
All business services19095317517%
Business services: Merchanting....
Business services: Other Trade related services....
Business services: Operational leasing78435457%
Business services: Legal, Accounting and other professional services4059824%
Business services: Advertising and market research94..
Business services: Research and development1749..
Business services: Architectural engineering and other technical services2122914%
Business services: Management services between affiliates....
Business services: Other6331200332%
Business services: Trade related services246444318%
Other services not elsewhere stated171047428%
Repairs and processing1251..
Source: CSO Balance of Payments Annual Data statistics (statbank reference 10 November 2016)

Table 4 Exports of Enterprise Agency Clients to UK Markets, 2014


Foreign Owned

-2014% total '142014% total '142014
Manufacturing & Other Industry (including Primary Production)€ m%€ m%€ m
Agriculture, Fishing, Forestry, Mining & Quarrying14472%-0%144
Food, Drink & Tobacco2,79245%95214%3,744
Textiles, Clothing, Footware & Leather15657%01%156
Wood & Wood Products18080%16466%344
Paper & Printing8471%736%92
Rubber & Plastics26562%11413%379
Non-Metalic Minerals29480%125%306
Basic & Fabricated Metal Products36475%8812%452
Computer, Electronic & Optical Products6215%7018%763
Electrical equipment21048%4110%252
Machinery & Equipment22632%1169%342
Transport Equipment5751%8512%142
Medical Device Manufacturing1515%3054%319
Other Misc. Manufacturing7837%5020%128
Sub Total5,02147%4,8238%9,845
Energy, Water, Waste & Construction
Recycling & Waste2661%26
Construction (Excl. EI Amendments)11373%113
Construction (EI Amendments)15747%157
Sub Total30756%307
Information, Communications & Other Services0%
Publishing, Broadcasting & Telecommunications7943%1426%93
Computer Programming1034%6,06215%6,072
Computer Consultancy25827%4,82726%5,085
Computer Facilities Management14%1,33427%1,334
Other IT & Computer Services8632%6269%712
Financial Services8213%22921%310
Business Services51828%1111%530
Other Services10142%246%125
Sub Total1,16026%13,12718%14,287
Grand Total - All Sectors6,48941%17,95013%24,438
Rest of South & East2,77741%4,2989%7,075
BMW Area2,43052%1,10510%3,534
Source: DJEI Annual Business Survey of Economic Impact 2014


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