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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Department of Environment, Community and Local Government

Local Authority Staff

9:00 pm

Photo of Catherine MurphyCatherine Murphy (Kildare North, Independent)
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Question 424: To ask the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government the number of staff employed by each local authority in 2011; the numbers by local authority who have applied for the early retirement scheme; if there are vacancies that are under consideration for replacement; if so, the number of same, the specific role of same and the locations of same; and if he will make a statement on the matter. [7650/12]

Photo of Phil HoganPhil Hogan (Minister, Department of Environment, Community and Local Government; Carlow-Kilkenny, Fine Gael)
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Local authorities have been early movers in terms of staff reductions, reducing from 37,243 whole-time equivalents (WTE) in 2008 to 29,744 WTE in December, 2011 a reduction of 7,499 WTE (20%). A breakdown of staff numbers by local authority is provided in table 1.

Based on the most up to date information, a total of 120 local authority employees have retired in the period 1 January 2012 to 27 January 2012 and a further 739 employees have notified local authorities of their intention to retire in the period 28 January, 2012 to 29 February, 2012 giving a total figure of 859. A breakdown by local authority of the numbers who have retired or notified their intention to do so is provided in table 2. A breakdown by grade of the numbers that have retired is provided in table 3.

The moratorium on recruitment and promotion in the public service was introduced in March 2009. When vacancies arise, public bodies must reallocate staff and/or re-organise work or staff accordingly. My Department operates a delegated sanction from the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform for implementation of the moratorium in relation to local authorities. Any local authority exceptions to the moratorium require sanction from my Department.

Under section 159 of the Local Government Act 2001, each County and City Manager is responsible for staffing and organisational arrangements necessary for carrying out the functions of the local authorities for which he or she is responsible. In this regard, it is a matter for County and City Managers, in the first instance, to ensure that the moratorium is implemented while the appropriate service levels are maintained.

The reduction of staff in local authorities is a net figure, as given the nature of the front line services provided such as fire and emergency services, critical road and water services, beach supervision in summer months and other temporary seasonal services, some sanctions for exceptions to the moratorium need to be, and are, regularly approved. In this regard, my Department has processed some 2,600 such requests since 2009.

In considering sanction requests public safety, maintaining key front line services and economic issues are given precedence as is the requirement to avoid increases in overall staffing levels. Information in relation to sanction requests under consideration in my Department is set out in table 4.

Table 1

LOCAL AUTHORITYNo. of Staff (WTE) at December 2011
Cork City1,336.00
Dublin City6,072.35
Galway City438.34
Limerick City465.14
Waterford City367.09
Dun Laoghaire1,063.60
South Dublin1,277.60
Tipperary North468.83
Tipperary South632.26
LA TOTAL29,695.42

Table 2

Numbers of Retirements from 01 January 2012 to 27 January 2012 inclusiveNumbers of Retirement Notices on hand where the notice of retirement is from 28 January 2012 to 29 February 2012 inclusiveTotal
City Councils
County Councils0
Dun Laoghaire Rathdown31821
South Dublin124355
Tipperary North41317
Tipperary South21719

Table 3

Breakdown by grade of those who have retired from 01 January 2012 – 27 January 2012 inclusive
City Councils
CorkGeneral Operative (1)
Water Production Attendant (1)
Park Ranger (1)
DublinAdministrative Officer (1)
Assistant Community Officer (1)
Assistant Staff Officer (1)
Building Inspector (1)
Clerical Officer (1)
Senior Executive Officer (1)
Senior Housing Officer (1)
Senior Staff Officer (1)
Sheltered Housing Liaison Officer (1)
Superintendent of Building Works (1)
Assistant Foreman (1)
Firefighter (2)
Foreman (2)
Painter (1)
General Operative (5)
Sub Officer (1)
GalwayClerical Officer (1)
LimerickCraftsman (1)
WaterfordClerical Officer (1)
Driver (1)
City Hall Superintendent (1)
County Councils
CavanCraftsman (1)
Driver (1)
ClareRetained Firefighter (1)
CorkExecutive Planner (1)
Plumbers Helper (1)
DonegalSenior Engineer (1)
Senior Staff Officer (1)
Multi Skilled (1)
Dun Laoghaire RathdownSenior Executive Parks Superintendent (1)
Assistant Staff Officer (1)
Clerical Officer (1)
FingalAdministrative Officer (2)
Librarian (1)
Senior Librarian (1)
Library Attendant (1)
Ganger (1)
GalwayAssistant Staff Officer (1)
Branch Librarian (1)
Executive Engineer (1)
Executive Planner (1)
General Operative (1)
Craftworkers Mate (1)
Chargehand (1)
KerryRoads Foreman (1)
KildareChief Technician (1)
Revenue Collector (1)
Settlement Worker (1)
General Services Supervisor (1)
KilkennyDriver (1)
LaoisClerical Officer (2)
Fire Station Officer (1)
LeitrimCounty Librarian (1)
Retained Firefighter (1)
LimerickSchool Warden (2)
Retained Firefighter (1)
Senior Library Assistant (1)
Roads Foreman (1)
Ganger (1)
Craftworkers Mate (1)
Waterworks Caretaker Grade Three (1)
LouthGeneral Services Supervisor (1)
Craftworker (1)
MayoAssistant Staff Officer (1)
Foreman (1)
Ganger (1)
General Operatives (2)
Library Driver (1)
Waterworks Caretaker Grade Three (2)
MonaghanGeneral Operative (1)
OffalyForeman (1)
Semi Skilled (1)
RoscommonWaterworks Caretaker (2)
SligoGeneral Operative (1)
South DublinStaff Officer (2)
Water & Drainage Inspector (1)
Driver (1)
Ganger (1)
Craftworker (2)
Wheelie Bin Operative (2)
General Operative (2)
Park Ranger (1)
Tipperary NorthStaff Officer (1)
County Librarian (SEO) (1)
Library Officers (2)
Tipperary SouthClerical Officer (1)
General Operative (1)
WaterfordClerk of Works (1)
Foreman (1)
General Operative (1)
WestmeathAssistant Staff Officer (1)
General Operative (1)
Life Guard (1)
WexfordDrivers (2)
Waterworks Caretaker (1)
General Operative (1)
WicklowDriver (1)
General Services Supervisor (1)

Table 4

Local AuthorityDate of RequestPositionNo.Type of contract sought
Carlow Co04/10/2011Senior Executive Librarian1Acting
Carlow Co04/10/2011Senior Executive Engineer1Acting
Carlow Co13/12/2011School Warden2Permanent
Cavan Co12/01/2012Assistant Foreman -Water Services1Permanent
Cavan Co18/01/2012Administrative Officer Grade VII1Acting
Cavan Co18/01/2012Head of HR Poject Team Grade VII1Acting
Cavan Co06/02/2012Water/Wastewater Caretaker Grade V1Permanent
Cavan Co30/11/2011Assistant Staff Officer1Acting
Cavan Co01/12/2011Senior Planner1Acting
Cavan Co01/12/2011Head of IT1Acting
Cavan Co01/12/2011Museum Curator1Acting
Cavan Co01/12/2011Senior Staff Officer1Acting
Cavan Co01/12/2011General Services Supervisors2Acting
Cavan Co14/12/2011Technician Grade I - Roads Lab1Acting
Cavan Co20/12/2011Project Co-ordinator1Contract
Clare Co03/01/2012Sports Facilities Assistant - Part-time2Contract
Clare Co20/01/2012Retained Firefighter1Permanent
Clare Co20/01/2012Retained Firefighter1Contract
Clare Co07/02/2011Marketing Executive1Permanent
Clare Co01/07/2011Canteen Attendant1Permanent
Clare Co05/07/2011Caretaker Traveller Accommodation1Acting
Clare Co27/07/2011Health & Safety Officer1Permanent
Clare Co02/09/2011Library Attendant1Acting
Clare Co19/09/2011Foreman1Permanent
Clare Co24/01/2012Director of Services1Permanent
Cork Co17/01/2012Chief Veterinary Officer1Permanent
Cork Co17/01/2012Veterinary Inspector1Contract
Donegal CC26/10/2011Clerical Officer1Permanent
Donegal CC14/11/2011Storeperson1Acting
Donegal CC13/12/2011Sub Station Officer - Part-time1Acting
Donegal CC23/12/2011Maintenance Craftsmen - Housing4Permanent
Donegal Co02/02/2012Tourism Officer1Contract
Donegal Co03/02/2012Roads Services Supervisor1Permanent
Donegal Co03/02/2012Seasonal Road Workers22Contract
Donegal Co03/02/2012Roads Services Supervisor1Permanent
Donegal Co08/02/2012Water Services Caretaker Grade 54Contract
Donegal Co08/02/2012Water Services Caretaker Grade 52Contract
Dublin City28/11/2011Superintendent of Building Works1Permanent
Dublin City30/11/2011Director of Dublin Regional Homeless Executive1Contract
Dublin City23/12/2011Superintendent of Building Works1Permanent
Dublin City03/01/2012Dangerous Building Inspector1Permanent
Dublin City12/01/2012Executive Technician - Water4Permanent
Dublin City12/01/2012Technician Grade 1 - Water1Permanent
Dublin City12/01/2012Civil Defence Officer1Permanet
Dublin City12/01/2012Assistant Civil Defence Officer2Permanent
Galway City06/09/2011Senior Engineer1Acting
Galway City06/09/2011Senior Executive Engineer2Contract
Galway City07/09/2011Assistant Staff Officer1Acting
Galway City08/09/2011Relief Porter Maintenance Man1Permanent
Galway City09/09/2011Senior Executive Officer1Acting
Galway City12/09/2011Craftsman - Electrical1Permanent
Galway City22/11/2011Museum Director1Permanent
Galway City30/11/2011Customer Services Manager1Permanent
Galway City30/11/2011Customer Services Supervisor1Permanent
Galway City30/11/2011Customer Services Advisor6Permanent
Galway City09/12/2011Stage Technician1Contract
Galway City09/01/2012Senior Executive Engineer1Acting
Galway City09/01/2012Director of Services1Acting
Galway City09/01/2012Rapid Co-ordinator1Acting
Galway City09/01/2012Senior Executive Officer1Acting
Galway City09/01/2012Senior Executive Officer1Acting
Galway City09/01/2012Staff Officer1Acting
Galway City09/01/2012Staff Officer1Acting
Galway City09/01/2012Senior Staff Officer1Acting
Galway City31/01/2012Ganger1Permanent
Galway City31/01/2012Clerical Officer1Permanent
Galway City31/01/2012Housing Estate Liaison Officer1Permanent
Galway Co24/01/2012Caretaker - Beach1Contract
Galway Co26/01/2012General Services Supervisor2Permanent
Galway Co27/01/2012Civil Defence Officer1Permanent
Galway Co27/01/2012Caretaker - Park1Contract
Galway Co20/10/2011Senior Resident Engineer1Contract
Galway Co20/10/2011Resident Engineer1Contract
Galway Co24/11/2011Head of Information Systems1Permanent
Galway Co24/11/2011Head of Information Systems1Acting
Galway Co13/12/2011Branch Librarian - part-time1Permanent
Galway Co20/12/2011Director - West Regional Authority1Permanent
Galway Co30/12/2011Waterworks Caretaker Grade V1Permanent
Kildare Co22/07/2011Assistant Chief Fire Officer1Acting
Kildare Co14/11/2011Site Technician Level 1 - Roads2Contract/Acting
Kildare Co14/11/2011Assistant Resident Engineer2Contract/Acting
Kildare Co14/11/2011Resident Engineer2Contract/Acting
Kildare Co18/11/2011Senior Architect1Acting
Kildare Co22/12/2011Senior Executive Engineer1Acting
Kildare Co04/01/2012Project Engineer1Acting
Kilkenny Co24/01/2012Tea Shop Manager1Contract
Kilkenny Co24/01/2012Tea Shop Assistants4Contract
Kilkenny Co24/01/2012Driver B/Plant Operator20Contract
Kilkenny Co24/01/2012Lifeguards14Contract
Kilkenny Co24/01/2012Student Litter Pickers24Contract
Kilkenny Co27/01/2012Roads Maintenance Ganger1Permanent
Laois Co11/01/2012Water & Sewerage Caretaker Grade V1Acting
Laois Co11/01/2012Water & Sewerage Caretaker Grade III2Acting
Laois Co11/01/2012Water & Sewerage Caretaker Grade V1Acting
Laois Co11/01/2012Water & Sewerage Caretaker Grade V1Acting
Laois Co18/01/2012Assistant Chief Fire Officer1Contract
Laois Co20/01/2012Water & Sewerage Caretaker Grade V1Permanent
Limerick City28/02/2011Staff Officer - Grade V1Permanent
Limerick City28/02/2011Senior Staff Officer - Grade VI1Permanent
Limerick City20/09/2011Assistant Engineer1Contract
Limerick City01/11/2011Senior Planner1Acting
Limerick City14/11/2011Environmental Inspector1Contract
Limerick City02/12/2011Assistant Supervisor - Cemeteries1Permanent
Limerick City02/12/2011Assistant Supervisor - Housing Dept1Permanent
Limerick City02/12/2011Foreman - Water Services3Permanent
Limerick City02/12/2011Superintendent - Housing Dept1Permanent
Limerick City02/12/2011Superintendent - Street Cleaning1Permanent
Limerick City02/12/2011Superintendent - Roads Dept1Permanent
Limerick City09/12/2011Head of IT1Acting
Limerick City09/12/2011Head of Finance1Acting
Limerick Co05/01/2012Foreman - Road Maintenance1Permanent
Limerick Co13/01/2012Water Services Caretaker Grade 33Contract
Limerick Co18/01/2012Senior Executive Engineer1Acting
Limerick Co19/01/2012General Operative - Landfill2Contract
Limerick Co01/02/2012Director of Services1Permanent
Limerick Co02/02/2012Debt Management Staff3Permanent
Longford CC15/09/2011Archivist1Contract
Longford CC23/09/2011Sports Co-ordinator1Contract
Longford CC22/11/2011Craftsman - Road Works1Acting
Longford CC22/11/2011Senior Resident Engineer1Contract
Longford CC22/11/2011Resident Engineer1Contract
Longford Co08/02/2012Housing Liaison Officer1Contract
Louth Co06/02/2012Networking for Peace Officer1Contract
Mayo Co08/11/2011Senior Executive Officer1Acting
Mayo Co15/12/2011Revenue Collector1Acting
Mayo Co16/12/2011Water & Sewerage Caretaker Grade III1Permanent
Mayo Co16/12/2011Water & Sewerage Caretaker Grade III1Permanent
Mayo Co21/12/2011Waterworks Caretaker Grade V1Permanent
Mayo Co17/01/2012General Services Supervisors2Permanent
Mayo Co18/01/2012Senior Executive Officer1Contract
Mayo Co31/01/2012Lifeguards24Contract
Mayo Co01/02/2012Water Services Caretaker Grade 51Permanent
Mayo Co10/02/2012Lifeguard & Swimming Teacher3Contract
Meath Co26/05/2011Mechanical Fitter1Permanent
Meath Co19/09/2011Water Caretaker Grade V1Permanent
Meath Co28/09/2011Fitter/ Mechanic3Permanent
Meath Co25/10/2011Assistant Staff Officer1Permanent
Meath Co17/01/2012Water/Wastewater Caretaker Grade V1Permanent
Meath Co17/01/2012Assistant Staff Officer Grade IV1Permanent
Meath Co24/01/2012Settlement Outreach Officer1Permanent
Meath Co26/01/2012Assistant Staff Officer1Permanent
Meath Co26/01/2012Library Caretaker1Contract
Meath Co13/02/2012School Warden1Permanent
Meath Co28/09/2011Fitter Foreman/Supervisor1Permanent
Monaghan Co09/11/2011Dog Warden1Contract
Monaghan Co25/11/2011Sports Inclusion Disability Officer1Contract
North Tipp29/11/2011General Services Supervisors1Acting
North Tipp15/12/2011Waterworks Caretaker Grade V1Permanent
North Tipp15/12/2011Waterworks Caretaker Grade V1Permanent
North Tipp15/12/2011Technician - Civil Engineering1Contract
North Tipp16/12/2011Re-settlement Worker1Contract
North Tipp22/12/2011Clerical Officer1Permanent
Offaly CC21/12/2011Senior Resident Engineer1Contract
Offaly CC21/12/2011Resident Engineer3Contract
Offaly CC21/12/2011Assistant Resident Engineer2Contract
Roscommon CC11/10/2011Resident Engineer1Contract
Roscommon CC11/10/2011Senior Resident Engineer1Contract
Roscommon CC11/10/2011Resident Engineer1Contract
Roscommon CC11/10/2011Assistant Resident Engineer1Contract
Roscommon CC28/11/2011Administrative Officer (RAS)1Acting
Roscommon CC12/12/2011Lorry Driver (Driver B)1Acting
Sligo Co28/11/2011General Services Supervisors1Acting
Sligo Co09/12/2011Building Superintendent1Acting
Sligo Co09/01/2012Foreman - Housing1Acting
South Tipp14/12/2011Retained Firefighter1Permanent
South Tipp14/12/2011Clerk of Work1Permanent
Waterford Co14/06/2011Clerk of Work2Contract
Waterford Co14/06/2011Resident Engineer1Contract
Waterford Co27/01/2012Resident Engineer (Civil)1Contract
Waterford Co27/01/2012Clerk of Works1Contract
Westmeath Co01/02/2012Water & Sewerage Caretaker Grade V1Contract
Westmeath Co01/02/2012Swimming Pool Manager1Contract
Wicklow Co06/02/2012Retained Firefighter3Permanent
Wicklow Co06/02/2012Town Overseer1Permanent


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