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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs

Departmental Expenditure

2:00 pm

Photo of Brian HayesBrian Hayes (Dublin South West, Fine Gael)
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Question 278: To ask the Minister for Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs if he will provide an itemised list of payments made to external solicitors and to external barristers whose services were procured directly by the Department and by each agency and body under its aegis in the years 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010; the reason for each such procurement; if such services were procured through competitive tendering processes in every instance; and if he will make a statement on the matter. [40936/10]

Photo of Pat CareyPat Carey (Minister, Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs; Dublin North West, Fianna Fail)
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The information sought by the Deputy in relation to my Department and the State bodies funded from its Vote Group is provided in the accompanying table. In each case, the services of external solicitors and external barristers were procured to provide essential legal advice, legal opinion or to carry out specialist legal work where the legal expertise required was not available in-house. In cases where a competitive tendering process was not held, this generally arose where the solicitor or barrister had extensive, specialist knowledge of a particular area. A number of appointments were also made following consultation with the Attorney General's Office.

In relation to payments made by the Equality Authority, Equality Tribunal, the Irish Human Rights Commission and the Western Development Commission, it has not been possible to compile this information within the time available. I am arranging for the remainder of the material to be provided directly to the Deputy as soon as possible.

Body / Agency NameName of Solicitor/BarristerAmount Paid2007Amount Paid2008Amount Paid2009Amount Paid2010 to dateWas a Competitive Tendering Process Held?
Department of Community, Equality & Gaeltacht AffairsA & L GoodbodyNilNil€6,094NilNo
Alexander J Ownes€21,614NilNilNilNo
Seán Ó CearbhaillNil€61NilNilNo
Commissioner of Charitable Donations and BequestsMargetson GreeneNilNilNil€33,475No
Dormant Accounts BoardJames O'Reilly€1,210NilNilNilNo
KMB Solicitors€1,906NilNilNilNo
Maples & CalderNil€5,117NilNilNo
Údarás na GaeltachtaBrian ConroyNilNilNil€1,512Yes
Ciara O' CallaghanNilNil€2,250NilYes
Dáithí Mac CárthaighNilNilNil€647Yes
Ercus Stewart€1,525NilNilNilYes
Ercus StewartNil€5,445NilNilYes
Garrett SimonsNilNilNil€2,420Yes
George Brady€1,815NilNilNilYes
George BradyNil€2,420NilNilYes
George BradyNilNil€1,823NilYes
George BradyNilNilNil€4,840Yes
George BradyNilNilNil€908Yes
George BradyNilNilNil€1,210Yes
Geraldine Glynn€5,266NilNilNilYes
Geraldine GlynnNilNil€1,628NilYes
Geraldine GlynnNilNil€182NilYes
McCann Fitzgerald SolicitorsNilNil€911NilYes
Purtill SolicitorsNilNilNil€250Yes
Quinn Dillon & Co. M SolicitorsNil€1,994NilNilYes
RDJ Glynn SolicitorsNilNilNil€3,630Yes
Úna Tighe€1,452NilNilNilYes
Úna Tighe€545NilNilNilYes
Úna TigheNil€23,172NilNilNo
An Coimisinéir TeangaAntóin de Lap€6,302NilNilNilYes
Antóin de LapNil€6,899NilNilYes
Antóin de LapNilNil€7,859NilYes
Antóin de LapNilNilNil€1,948Yes
Séamus Ó Tuathail€4,515NilNilNilYes
Séamus Ó TuathailNil€4,384NilNilYes
Séamus Ó TuathailNilNil€4,391NilYes
Séamus Ó TuathailNilNilNil€918Yes
National Advisory Committee on DrugsPhilip Lee Solicitors€14,633NilNilNilNo
Waterways IrelandAndrew Crean-Lynch SolicitorNil€27,915NilNilYes
ARTHUR COXNil€12,571NilNilYes
ARTHUR COX€6,529NilNilNilYes
Carson McDowellNilNilNil€1,197Yes
Copeland McCaffrey Solicitors€3,649NilNilNilYes
Copeland McCaffrey SolicitorsNil€36,203NilNilYes
Elliott Duffy GarrettNilNilNil€1,050Yes
Elliott Duffy GarrettNilNil€130NilYes
Elliott Duffy GarrettNil€1,767NilNilYes
FJ Gearty & Co SolicitorsNilNilNil€1,013Yes
Kerin, Hickman & O'Donnell Solicitors€801NilNilNilYes
Legal Euro One Off Supplier*€10,470€12,841€29,416€9,455Yes
Legal Sterling One Off Supplier*NilNil€669NilYes
LK Shields Solicitors€29,217NilNilNilYes
LK Shields SolicitorsNilNilNil€4,880Yes
LK Shields SolicitorsNilNil€67,965NilYes
LK Shields SolicitorsNil€57,300NilNilYes
Lucas AssociatesNilNilNil€616Yes
Lucas AssociatesNilNil€7,639NilYes
Mason Hayes & CurranNilNil€4,485NilYes
Mason Hayes & Curran€54,114NilNilNilYes
Mason Hayes & CurranNil€16,936NilNilYes
Matheson Ormsby Prentice€11,342NilNilNilYes
Matheson Ormsby PrenticeNil€10,213NilNilYes
McCann Fitzgerald Solicitors€40,159NilNilNilYes
McCann FitzGerald SolicitorsNilNilNil€6,508Yes
McCann FitzGerald SolicitorsNilNil€13,682NilYes
McCann FitzGerald SolicitorsNil€7,941NilNilYes
Morgan Mc Manus SolicitorsNilNilNil€46,592Yes
Morgan Mc Manus SolicitorsNilNil€229,595NilYes
Morgan Mc Manus Solicitors€32,807NilNilNilYes
Morgan Mc Manus SolicitorsNil€48,522NilNilYes
Murnaghan & Fee SolicitorsNilNilNil€53,763Yes
Murnaghan & Fee SolicitorsNil€30,575NilNilYes
Murnaghan & Fee Solicitors€26,463NilNilNilYes
Murnaghan & Fee SolicitorsNilNil€38,515NilYes
P O'Connor and Son€363NilNilNilYes
P O'Connor and SonNil€11,807NilNilYes
** Payments to several payees where individual supplier details are not kept electronically
An Foras Teanga', comprising:
Ulster-Scots AgencyJohns ElliotNil€13,584NilNilNo
Johns ElliotNilNil€163NilNo
Foras na GaeilgeBarry Mulqueen€5,400NilNilNilNo
Edge Manning & Co Solicitors€13,250NilNilNilNo
Edge Manning & Co SolicitorsNil€4,913NilNilNo
Edge Manning & Co SolicitorsNilNil€10,910NilNo
Edge Manning & Co SolicitorsNilNilNil€16,216No
Gearóid Mac Unfraidh€908NilNilNilNo
Gearóid Mac UnfraidhNilNil€255NilNo
Gearóid Mac UnfraidhNilNilNil€7,360No
Mason Hayes CurranNilNil€38,762NilNo
O' Hare Solicitors€15,264NilNilNilNo
Peter WardNilNil€638NilNo
Philip Lee Solicitors€23,885NilNilNilNo
Philip Lee SolicitorsNil€6,067NilNilNo
Reddy Charlton McKnightNilNil€68,812NilNo
Séamas Ó Tuathail€545NilNilNilNo
Séamas Ó TuathailNilNilNil€10,496No
Bord na Leabhar GaeilgeEdge Manning & Co Solicitors€363NilNilNilNo
F.G McCarthy Solicitors€1,421NilNilNilNo
Mullaneys Solicitors€605NilNilNilNo
Sweeney McGann€6,534NilNilNilNo
Clár na Leabhar Gaeilge**Edge Manning & Co SolicitorsNil€5,445NilNilNo
Edge Manning & Co SolicitorsNilNil€1,337NilNo
Gearóid Mac UnfraidhNil€605NilNilNo
Sweeney McGannNil€11,158NilNilNo
** Successor programme following abolition of Bord na Leabhar Gaeilge
National Disability AuthorityA L Goodbody€46,988NilNilNilNo
A L Goodbody€22,763NilNilNilNo
A L GoodbodyNil€14,740NilNilNo
A L GoodbodyNil€5,675NilNilNo
A L GoodbodyNilNil€2,751NilNo
A L GoodbodyNilNilNil€4,527No
BCM Hanby WallaceNilNil€7,108NilYes
Family Support AgencyA+L Goodbody Solicitors€20,907NilNilNilYes

Photo of Lucinda CreightonLucinda Creighton (Dublin South East, Fine Gael)
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Question 279: To ask the Minister for Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs the progress made in implementing each specific recommendation of the Special Group on Public Sector Service Numbers and Expenditure Programmes report that pertains to his Department in tabular form; the savings achieved in relation to each specific recommendation; and if he will make a statement on the matter. [40954/10]

Photo of Pat CareyPat Carey (Minister, Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs; Dublin North West, Fianna Fail)
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As I recently advised the Deputy, the Report of the Special Group on Public Service Numbers and Expenditure Programmes presented a set of options to reduce expenditure and staff numbers across the public sector. These options were considered by the Government in the context of the 2010 Budget.

Gross savings of some €57 million, or almost 12%, were achieved in the 2010 Revised Estimates Volume (REV) for the Vote of the then Department of Community Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, relative to the 2009 REV. While the allocations in most expenditure programmes were reduced, the primary concern was to protect as much as possible the daily front-line services being funded through my Department, especially those focused on the needs of the most socially deprived communities.

With regard to the reduction in staff numbers, the Government's moratorium on staff recruitment and promotion and other associated measures, including the incentivised early retirement scheme, have achieved, and continue to achieve, reductions in staff numbers across my Department and relevant agencies.

In terms of specific recommendations by the Special Group, one key recommendation was predicated on my Department being dissolved and its functions transferred to other Departments. Other recommendations related to the abolition or transfer between Departments of specified functions. In this regard, the Deputy will be aware that, as part of the restructuring of Departments and agencies announced in March last by the Taoiseach to ensure greater coherence and produce more efficient delivery, my Department has taken over responsibility for (i) social inclusion policy and family policy from the Department of Social Protection and (ii) equality, disability, integration and human rights from the Department of Justice and Law Reform.

In relation to other recommendations by the Special Group, the Deputy should note that:

The funding of a number of programmes referred to is subject to ongoing consideration of options in the context of the forthcoming Budget;

The Government's key objective in the cohesion process at this time is to ensure greater efficiencies and value for money through the new Local and Community Development Programme. The Programme will be subject to robust monitoring and evaluation and will be implemented through a single delivery structure in each area from January next year. The consolidation/reduction of other structures under my Department's remit will be reviewed over the coming period;

The future of the Western Development Commission remains under consideration in the context of the ongoing general review of enterprise structures;

It is anticipated that the Dormant Accounts (Amendment) Bill, which will, inter alia, dissolve the Dormant Accounts Board will be published during the present parliamentary session;

Options in relation to the future functions of the Family Support Agency are under review and proposals relating to the reallocation of some functions of the Equality Tribunal will fall to be considered in the context of the review of the equality and human rights bodies currently under way;

Responsibility for the Community Services Programme has transferred to the Department of Social Protection;

The Gaeltacht Housing Grant Scheme was suspended in April 2009. While existing commitments under the scheme continue to be met, no new commitments have been created since that time; and

Other issues with regard to the funding of Irish language/Gaeltacht programmes and the future role of Údarás na Gaeltachta are subject to ongoing consideration in the context of both the forthcoming Budget and the anticipated publication of the 20-year Strategy for Irish. The draft Strategy has been subject to review by the relevant Oireachtas Committee and it is anticipated that the matter will be re-submitted to Government in the coming period.

In light of the foregoing, the Deputy will appreciate that any calculation of savings arising would be premature at this stage.


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