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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

11:30 am

Photo of Gerard CraughwellGerard Craughwell (Independent) | Oireachtas source

I wish to raise the HPV vaccine. In this State and also in the UK we have a history of burying our heads in the sand when there are issues with various drugs - Thalidomide comes to mind. We suddenly at some stage find we are in serious trouble, the drug is withdrawn and then there are legal battles lasting years. Anecdotal evidence is arriving in my office on a daily basis. I do not court constituency contact. I do not go looking for people to contact me. I have no interest in sitting in the Lower House and as such I do not seek contact with the members of the public. However, people are coming to me about this vaccine and they are telling me that their daughters or people they know, who were active sports-inclined people and who had this vaccine, are now chronically ill.

While I might be wrong in this - which is why I am calling for a debate - I understand Ireland may have indemnified the drugs company when it adopted this vaccine and effectively said it would cover the cost if problems arose. If that is true, we may have dug a hole for ourselves that is getting deeper by the day. I am no medic and we might need a medic in here to explain the pros and cons of this drug and whether it is worth continuing to take the chance of administering something that is resulting in fit girls, who are involved in sport and other activities, suddenly becoming listless, tired, unable to attend school and having a lack of attention span.

Many things are being reported. I am not sure what empirical evidence there is to support this, but it is time we had a look at this drug. If it is dangerous, we need to know. If there is a particular cohort for whom it is not suitable, we need to know that as well. I am asking for a debate with the Minister for Health at the earliest possible convenience although I realise we are in a very busy period.


Eileen Iorio
Posted on 1 Dec 2016 12:34 am

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Leonie Kilroy
Posted on 1 Dec 2016 6:17 pm

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Valerie Roche
Posted on 1 Dec 2016 11:51 pm

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Sueann Moore
Posted on 4 Dec 2016 2:46 am (Report this comment)

Senator , please note the vaccines safety has been proven with 220 million jabs given worldwide. According to REGRETS own case files on their website , many of the claimed effects were minor and most are now listed as resolved .Also many had previous medical illnesses or were on medication.
Most of REGRETS claims have not been verified and are purely anecodtal.

To say a vaccine has destroyed 400 girls lives is untrue .Syncope (fainting) is the most common adverse reaction listed.Hardly life threatening.Regret have also claimed the vaccine causes homelessness and self harm and depression.

Investigation has been printed and reviewed on this subject .

and REGRET have been proven to exaggerate and juggle facts and statistics

Add to this a growing fund of donations unaccounted for , recommendations for bleach enema cures for autism by the spokeswoman,the links of anti vaccination group Sanevax and the anti vaccination movie "Vaxxed", links to conspiracy theorist David Icke ,the founder Catherine Weitbrechs husband selling €120 a month cures and you can see a hidden agenda.

Cervical cancer is a killer and we actually now have a vaccine for it, please do not give a platform to this dangerous and sinister group ,who are currently posing as a charity and doing their utmost to devolve our healthcare system and undermine the amazing work the Irish Cancer Society and researchers have achieved.

Please speak to the experts in this field ,your colleague TD Kate O Connell, Dr Robert O Connor and the others now urgently contacting you before any more lives are put at risk due to scaremongering and misinformation spread by ill informed people.

Eileen Iorio
Posted on 12 Dec 2016 12:38 pm

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Leonie Kilroy
Posted on 13 Dec 2016 10:55 am

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