Seanad debates

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

11:00 am

Photo of John CrownJohn Crown (Independent)

This is the third occasion on which I have suggested that the Taoiseach should come before the House. I have voiced major objections to people using the voting procedures of the Seanad in order to delay its proceedings. Today, however, I will press for a full vote on my amendment——


mary murray
Posted on 19 Dec 2011 4:10 pm (Report this comment)

I hope you get a full vote on this Senator Crown. there is no transparency or clarity as to what really is going on. WE need the change that has been promised to happen so that some confidence and dignity is restored to people of this country,The Berlin wall of silence has to be torn down. Really enjoy the minutes of your debates :) Merry Xmas and a happy 2012.

kind regards

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