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Paul Anderson
Posted on 29 Jan 2023 12:14 pm

Also womensaid in their own report on PA reported that (this is parental alienation and it is like all abuse undertaken by both genders sadly) "In Women’s Aid Direct Services experience most women with children, particularly from age 7/8+,
report attempts by fathers to ‘turn the kids against her’. Women have reported to us throughout
the years that the abuser often tells children lies about their mothers; denigrates her to the
children, undermines her authority and manipulates the children against her. For example, by
using children to spy on the mother and report to him or by encouraging them to join in the
verbal or even physical abuse of the mother.
Children end up blaming her for his abusive behaviour and align themselves with the father
against her.
Women feel deeply upset by the weaponisation of their children, and while these tactics are by
no means always successful many women can be really undermined.
In some cases, women told us that the relationship with their children has broken down
completely and has not resumed even when the children are adults. In other cases women felt
they had to cut off contact with one or more of their older children because their father had
‘poisoned them’ so much that their own mental health was being seriously compromised by
contact with their children.

This common emotional abusive tactic is often commonly employed as an integral part of an
abuser’s overall coercive control pattern and has long been recognised by domestic violence
services and described in Domestic Violence literature.37
In our experience this form of abuse against mothers, and children, is usually ignored in the
Family Courts.

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