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Winners! is officially Ireland's Best New Web Application after Saturday night's 2009 Realex Irish Web Awards ceremony, held at the Radisson Hotel in Dublin.

We're a little surprised, and absolutely delighted. John Handelaar picked up the metalwork and made a few thank-yous, which we're going to record here for completeness.


  • To the 80-odd judges who between them decided we were somehow more deserving than the other great sites and projects in our category,
  • To Red Cardinal and RealEx Payments for sponsoring our category and the Irish Web Awards, respectively,
  • To Sabrina Dent, who did not realise quite how much time and effort would be going into KildareStreet instead of into earning actual money for the household when she married John and has yet to raise any complaint about becoming the main earner,
  • To that small band of people in the Oireachtas who have done their best under what must be rather difficult circumstances and have never been anything but polite to us even when we're publicly annoying the people they pay to produce the Official Report, and
  • To the people who help KildareStreet in practical ways but are not publicly acknowledged, even (to John's horror after stepping off stage) when some fool forgets to mention them while collecting the award:
    • Mark Coughlan and Elena Egawhary, who helped compile the canonical list of all political donations to TDs and Senators reported to SIPO which we'll be adding to all TD and Senator pages in the coming weeks,
    • Simon McGarr of McGarr Solicitors for unpaid assistance on our imminent incorporation,
    • and particularly Gavin Sheridan, who you can thank for literally nagging this site into existence and making sure the development work required for KildareStreet to exist was ever actually finished.
    Gavin, Mark and Elena are all contributors to TheStory, which we heartily commend as a stunning ongoing effort that you should read.

As hinted above, we have a To-Do list as long as several arms here and you can expect to see a great deal more information about your elected representatives appearing on these pages in the next month or four. Onwards and upwards!

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