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Tuesday, 11 June 2024

Ceisteanna ar Pholasaí nó ar Reachtaíocht - Questions on Policy or Legislation


3:55 am

Photo of Bernard DurkanBernard Durkan (Kildare North, Fine Gael) | Oireachtas source

Once again I raise the continued use of the parental alienation clause in family law, which is causing continued and ever-increasing hardship to mothers, some fathers, and particularly to children, who are the victims in this entire matter. The Minister has promised to deal with this and has done a lot of work, as have a number of Ministers on the Government side of the House. I ask that urgent action be taken to bring this to a head.


Paul Anderson
Posted on 18 Jun 2024 7:57 am (This comment has been reported to moderators)

Bernard Durkan TD but there is no "parental alienation" clause in Irish Family Law anywhere?
Although emotional coercion and psychological abuse of a child is child abuse such as

STRATEGY 1: Badmouthing – General Function: Impression Management of the Targeted Parent (TP)
STRATEGY 2: Limiting / interfering with visitation / parenting time / contact
STRATEGY 3: Limiting / interfering with mail, phone, Skype contact
STRATEGY 4: Limiting / interfering with symbolic contact (STRIPPING)
STRATEGY 5: Interfering with / denial of Targeted Parent's information about children
STRATEGY 6: Emotional Manipulation
STRATEGY 7: Child’s memory alteration / wiping
STRATEGY 8: Undermining the Targeted Parent
STRATEGY 9: Other alienating influences: Grandparents, other family, step-parents, siblings
STRATEGY 10: Manipulating Professionals, Agencies and Records
A - Manipulating Police / criminal jurisdiction
B - Manipulating medical services and records
C – Manipulating schools
D - Manipulating Child Services
STRATEGY 11: Erasing Targeted Parent (TP) legally
STRATEGY 12: Child isolation from other influences
STRATEGY 13: Reckless Signalling
STRATEGY 14: Relocation / Child Abduction So how do you intend to help children abused by parental alienation?

Paul Anderson
Posted on 18 Jun 2024 8:03 am (This comment has been reported to moderators)

Parental Alienation does need to be addressed as it is child abuse and dealt with in this way.
False allegations of any abuse including parental alienation must be addressed as coercive control/domestic abuse and dealt with the full rigors of the law.
I have ZERO tolerance of ALL abuse do you Bernard Durkan as your speeches ignore the abuse on alienated children like https://donthugyourmother.com/ and https://www.theantialienationproject.com/?
By selectively ignoring the reality of parental alienation you are ignoring abuse and allowing it to manifest

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