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Thursday, 19 September 2019

3:40 pm

Photo of Mick BarryMick Barry (Cork North Central, Solidarity) | Oireachtas source

More than two thirds of all industrial greenhouse gases emitted worldwide since 1988 have been the responsibility of just 100 companies. The young people carry banners and placards on their demonstrations calling for system change and not climate change. It is clear who is running the system which is threatening the planet. It is not the working class people or the middle class people that the Minister's Government intends to target with increases in carbon tax. It is the profiteers who are the big polluters and the polluters who are the big profiteers. The system we need to change is capitalism.

Tomorrow, millions of young people worldwide will join the global climate strike. I salute them. They have achieved more in one year of campaigning than all of the right-wing governments across the world have achieved in decades. They will be joined tomorrow by trade unionists and workers. This movement must grow, it will become more radical and I wish it every success.


Fergal O'Casey
Posted on 20 Sep 2019 10:50 pm (Report this comment)

Mick Barry here reveals everything the Green movement has ever been to the hard left: An excuse to attack capitalism. Having tried and failed for a century to get a democratic mandate for radical "system change" the hard left have jumped on the green movement in another desperate attempt to smuggle in their old, failed political vision.

It will be as successful as every attempt they've made before.

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