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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

2:35 pm

Photo of Enda KennyEnda Kenny (Taoiseach, Department of An Taoiseach; Mayo, Fine Gael) | Oireachtas source

-----professionals become completely frustrated when they find they have to wait for half a day due to a cancellation as a result of a bed not being made available in the first instance. There are many people who have serious complaints and who are in hospital but who are not receiving any further treatment. These individuals could possibly be moved to different locations - thereby freeing up beds - and they would still, despite their difficulties, have the same quality of life. When we consider Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda or the hospital in Galway and see the major operations taking place in terms of construction, clearly, we need a ten-year strategy. However, we must also get agreement on what has to be done during those ten years and that will not be an easy task.


Aaron Daly
Posted on 16 Feb 2017 8:21 pm (Report this comment)

We are 11 years in the system with our Daughter who had her first surgery at 5 days old. We know the system inside out because we have continually been stuck at the blunt end. We nursed our daughter for 16 months with a 120degree bend in her spine, sores from her ribs rubbing her hip bone. To watch an 10 yr old non verbal child squealing with tears running down her face and not been able to do anything for her is heartbreaking. Make no Mistake this is neglect and abuse from a system that is failing on every level.

- Lack of staff - we watched 2 nurses work through a week end shift looking after 11 sick children where they never got a break all night. Parents carrying out nurses duties because they can't manage the work load. often these nurses are new to the system and many haven't stayed.

- i have slept on hospital floors because there wasn't enough day beds or mattresses in rooms that have had the same broken tv's one year to the next. ( even though Crumlin is one of the best supported charities in the country)

-Intensive care beds that have never used because of lack of staff

- theatres not being used because of lack of staff.

i could go on all day....

Despite announcements and extra funding by you and your ministers regarding scoliosis the waiting list has grown and worsened . We have met families who children have missed surgeries because they progressed too far. Declarations and disgust in the Dail just simmers on to the next agenda and we are forgotten about again.

If you want to make a difference start making ministers responsible and accountable for their decisions. How many times can you make promises and statements that are never followed through on.

Start listening to us parents that are dealing with the results of your poor decisions and policies. St James has been rejected by the people, by patients, by experts. Where is the evidence that our children will benefit more in a city centre hospital that is the most expensive and least advantageous for our Children, its time for common sense to prevail.

Move it to Blanchardstown, even the cost savings have to be a valid reason. Use the saved money to hire more staff and treat the existing ones better. We feel the benefit of that!

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