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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

10:50 am

Photo of Enda KennyEnda Kenny (Taoiseach, Department of An Taoiseach; Mayo, Fine Gael) | Oireachtas source

When the Minister for Finance spoke yesterday, he said clearly that the Government fully understands the challenges and difficulties being faced by so many people. When the full figures emerge from his area of responsibility and that of the Minister, Deputy Howlin, he will have to take account of the difficulties and concerns that many people face. Clearly, if moneys are available at the end of the presentation of all the figures, the Government will make a decision on the extent to which those moneys can be applied for job creation and getting people back to work. To be honest, as I stand here we do not have all of those figures. Tax returns are starting to come in. Other elements are needed by the Ministers, Deputies Noonan and Howlin, in terms of setting targets for departmental spending over the next 12 months and in terms of the revenue stream that will come in. Deputy Donnelly has spoken in response to Professor Mody's comments. Clearly, the fairest possible balance needs to be struck in the interests of moving our country through this budget, exiting the bailout in December, sending out an international signal that one country has emerged from this and getting back our economic independence. While there will be more challenges ahead, we will be able to move on to make our own decisions in the interests of our people.


Shane O Ceallaigh
Posted on 30 Sep 2013 1:26 pm (Report this comment)

Taoiseach I don't believe that your government fully understands the challenges and difficulties being faced by so many people in this country.This government has promised so much but has delivered noting only austerity in my view. Attacks on front line services, health education & welfare, unjust taxation on families homes.
This months budget will be tough as you said in your own words, how many more of these crippling budgets must the working man or women face?.
I attended an INTO meeting last week and I am disgusted with the governments plans to cut education and to increase class sizes in primary schools. I attended primary school in Kilkenny, my class size was between 30-35. The size of the class had a impact on my early education as I was a slow learner. You as a teacher must know that it is difficult for any teacher to give the appropriate necessary time that is needed to attend to students individually with difficulties such as mine at that time. My school had no SNA or facilities for students developments.

Your government needs to address the reckless spending within the government and reverse cuts to education. Education is the key to life and I would hate to think that my daughter or any child would be deprived of a decent education.

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