Oireachtas Joint and Select Committees

Thursday, 16 November 2023

Public Accounts Committee

Appropriation Accounts 2022
Vote 11 - Public Expenditure, National Development Plan Delivery and Reform
Vote 12 - Superannuation and Retired Allowances
Vote 39 - Office of Government Procurement
Vote 43 - Office of the Government Chief Information Officer
2022 Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General
Chapter 5: Vote Accounting and Budget Management

9:30 am

Mr. David Moloney:

We are subject to layers of regulatory and legislative obligations at an EU and national level. We do not ourselves assess, under the Minister and his function as a regulator, but we ask external consultants to do it. As I said earlier, the timelines are not always within our gift. At all stages, we try to give as accurate a picture of where we are at-----