Oireachtas Joint and Select Committees

Thursday, 23 September 2021

Public Accounts Committee

Financial Statement 2020 and Related Matters: HSE (Resumed)

11:00 am

Mr. Paul Reid:

Our primary focus here is to increase our HSE dedicated resource staff. We have a significant budget this year, as I mentioned. We have about 4,400 staff already recruited. There are likely to be another 3,000 staff recruited before the end of the year. We are making submissions to continue that funding into next year as well. It is the first time in many years. Last year was the biggest year for our recruitment in many years and this year will be the same. A significant proportion of those have, quite rightly, come from nursing on the front line and consultants. These are net increases. On top of those recruitment numbers, we recruit about 8,000 staff every year just to stand still. The number I have given of 7,000 before year end is on top of recruitment we must do just to stand still in terms of churn.