Oireachtas Joint and Select Committees

Thursday, 4 July 2024

Public Accounts Committee

Financial Statements 2022: Waterways Ireland

9:30 am

Mr. John McDonagh:

Part of the problem is that the by-laws are over 30 years old. They are out of date. If we were to take one simple number, such as the permit fee, it is at present €127, which at the time would have been £100. That is how long ago we are talking about. If that were inflated, it would probably be approximately €300 now. The impact is that with no by-laws in place and, let us say, no revisions every five years, with five times no revisions, suddenly we are trying to go from a position of 30 years-plus to now. That in itself, is a big step change for everybody and I accept that.


gerard lacey
Posted on 5 Jul 2024 4:48 pm (This comment has been reported to moderators)

The permit fee is indeed 127 Euros, and has been for the last thirty years. If as Mr John McDonagh states it would be 300 euros now. Ask him why he is proposing to charge boats from 700- 2,500 and upwards depending on where a boat is moored?

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