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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment

FÁS Training Programmes

Photo of George LeeGeorge Lee (Dublin South, Fine Gael)
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Question 87: To ask the Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment the number of clients that the jobs club dealt with in 2009; the number of clients that each of the 56 jobs clubs dealt with in 2009; and if she will make a statement on the matter. [5785/10]

Photo of Mary CoughlanMary Coughlan (Tánaiste; Minister, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment; Donegal South West, Fianna Fail)
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I am awaiting the final detailed figures for 2009 from FÁS and will communicate these to the Deputy when they are received. However, the provisional figure for the total number of clients that the jobs club dealt with in 2009 is 8,996.

Photo of George LeeGeorge Lee (Dublin South, Fine Gael)
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Question 88: To ask the Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment the list of courses offered by FÁS; and if she will make a statement on the matter. [5787/10]

Photo of Mary CoughlanMary Coughlan (Tánaiste; Minister, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment; Donegal South West, Fianna Fail)
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The full list of FÁS training courses offered by FÁS training services is set out in the following table.

List No.Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse Title
1SSTXX005General Engineering Operatives
2SSTXX006Electronic Manufacturing Skills
4SSTXX010Machine Tool Operating
5SSTXX013Construction Operatives
6SSTXX014Business Administration and Management
7SSTXX022Engineering Multi Skills
8SSTXX028Domestic Appliance Servicing
9SSTXX030Welding Intermediate
10SSTXX036Traditional Stone Wall and General Construction
12SSTXX038Heavy Goods Vehicle Driving (HGV) - Artic
13SSTXX039CSCS - Scaffolding - Basic
15SSTXX041Pharmaceutical Process Operator
16SSTXX043Customer Care and IT Skills
17SSTXX047Internet Security Management
18BridgingXX050Receptionists Skills
19SSTXX055Computer Applics - Self-Directed Learning
20SSTXX065Logistics and Distribution
21SSTXX068Enterprise Development
22SSTXX069Computer and Payroll Skills
23SSTXX072Retail Sales
24SSTXX074Coded Pipe Welding
25SSTXX082Electronics Technician
26SSTXX083Fashion Cutting and Technical Skills
27SSTXX101Injection Moulding Setter
28SSTXX108Personal Computer Maintenance
29SSTXX114Quality Assurance
30SSTXX115Computer Aided Draughting and Design
31SSTXX118Horticultural Training
32SSTXX119Graphics for the Print Media
33SSTXX133Repair and Servicing of Motor Cycles
34SSTXX162Security and Emergency Alarm Installation/Maintenance
35SSTXX169Personal Computer Networks Maintenance
37SSTXX196Sales Representative
38SSTXX204Pharmacy Sales
39SSTXX214Accounting Technician - Foundation Course
40SSTXX235Software Testing
41SSTXX237Business Appraisal and Start-Up Programme
42SSTXX249Computer Aided Engineering - Milling and Turning
43BridgingXX261Preparatory Programme for Apprenticeship
44SSTXX264Desktop Publishing
45SSTXX267Interior Design - Foundation Course
46BridgingXX270Introduction to Electronics and Computing
47SSTXX272Draughting - Building Services
48SSTXX273Computerised Accounts and Payroll
49BridgingXX274Introduction to Photography and Computing
50SSTXX283Media Techniques - Radio
51SSTXX292Computer Aided Draughting/C.N.C. Milling and Turning
53SSTXX307Production Management
54SSTXX318Television and Video Production
55SSTXX320Digital Design for Website Production
56Return to WorkXX328Jobs Club
57SSTXX332Industrial Automation
58Return to WorkXX334Pre-Employment Preparation Programme
59SSTXX351Interactive Media
60SSTXX364CSCS - Roof & Wall Sheet/Clad for Experienced Workers
62SSTXX381Microsoft Office Specialist Program
63SSTXX394Heavy Goods Vehicle Driving (HGV) - Rigid
64SSTXX395Teleservices - English Language
65BridgingXX399Chinese Language and Induction
66BridgingXX414Basic Keyboard and Computer Skills
67SSTXX424Technical Sale and Customer Care Professionals
68SSTXX425CSCS - Scaffolding - Advanced
69SSTXX426Return to Work
70SSTXX427Software Developer ll
71SSTXX430Computer Applications and Office Skills
72SSTXX438Software Developer 1
73SSTXX441Foundation in Computer Aided Draughting
74SSTXX444Introduction to Computer Maintenance and Networks
75SSTXX447CSCS - 180o Excavator Operations for Experienced Workers
76SSTXX448CSCS - 360° Excavator Operations for Experienced Workers
77SSTXX449CSCS - Tractor Dozer Operations for Experienced Workers
78SSTXX451CSCS - Tower Crane Operations for Experienced Workers
79SSTXX452CSCS - Slinging and Signalling for Experienced Workers
80SSTXX453CSCS - Telescopic Handler for Experienced Worker
81SSTXX454CSCS - Mini Digger for Experienced Operatives
82SSTXX455CSCS - Mobile Crane For Experienced Operatives
83SSTXX456CSCS - Crawler Crane Operations for Experienced Operators
84SSTXX457CSCS - Site Dumper Operations For Experienced Workers
85SSTXX458CSCS - Articulated Dumper Operations for Experienced Workers
86SSTXX459CSCS - Remote Controlled Self Erecting Tower Crane Operations for Experienced Workers
87SSTXX460Manual & Computerised Payroll/Accounts
88BridgingXX465ECDL - European Computer Driving Licence
89SSTXX475IBEC IR and HR Programme for Graduates
90SSTXX484Fundamentals of Info Comm Technology
91SSTXX487Hedge Fund Administration Diploma
92BridgingXX492Japanese Language and Induction
93BridgingXX493Child Care Assistant
94SSTXX497Fundamentals of Engineering
95SSTXX542Genesis – First Steps to Employment
96SSTXX905Linux Administration
97SSTXX908CSCS - Built Up Roofing - Single Ply for Experienced Workers
98SSTXX909CSCS - Built Up Roofing - Bituminous for Experienced Workers
99SSTXX914Web Design (CIW)
100SSTXX917New Media Creative Design
101SSTXX919Manual Handling
102SSTXX920Mobile Access Tower Operations
103SSTXX923Multimedia Training Facility
104SSTXX925CSCS- Scaffolding for New Entrants
105SSTXX926CSCS - Remote Controlled Self Erecting Tower Crane Operations for New Entrants
107SSTXX928Assessing Business Opportunities - Part Time
108Return to WorkXX930Return To Work - Part Time
109SSTXX934CSCS - 180o Excavator Operations for New Entrants
110SSTXX935CSCS - Telescopic Handler Operations for New Entrants
111SSTXX940CSCS - Tractor Dozer Operations for New Entrants
112SSTXX942CSCS - 360° Excavator Operations for New Entrants
113SSTXX943CSCS - Articulated Dump Truck Operations for New Entrants
114SSTXX944CSCS - Crawler Crane Operations for New Entrants
115SSTXX945CSCS - Mini Excavator Operations for New Entrants
116SSTXX946CSCS - Mobile Crane Operations for New Entrants
117SSTXX947CSCS - Site Dumper Operations for New Entrants
118SSTXX948CSCS - Slinger/Signaller Operations for New Entrants
119SSTXX949CSCS - Tower Crane Operations for New Entrants
120BridgingXX954Core Employment Skills
121BridgingXX955Delivery Driver
122BridgingXX963Pathways to Employment
123BridgingXX964Warehouse Operative - Introduction to Logistics
124BridgingXX966Skills Sampling - Engineering
125BridgingXX969Career Planning and Employable Skills
126BridgingXX972Introduction to Warehousing and Distribution
127Return to WorkXX973I.T Office Skills - Part-Time
128SSTXX974Sound Engineering
129SSTXX975Chemical Process Plant Operator
130SSTXX979Networks and Windows 2003 Server
131BridgingXX980Deciding Your Future
132SSTXXR01Seafaring Safety Skills
133SSTXXR04Securing Your Future Workskills
134SSTXXR05English For Migrant Workers - Construction Ind.
135SSTXXR06English For Migrant Workers - Generic Eng A
136SSTXXR07English For Migrant Workers - Generic Eng B
137SSTXXR08English For Migrant Workers - Hospitality Ind.
138SSTXXR09English For Migrant Workers - Security Ind.
139SSTXXR11Biopharma/Pharmachem Skills
140SSTXXR12CSCS – 360° Telescopic Handler Operations
141SSTXXR15Client Server Applications
142SSTXXR16CSCS - Principles of SteelFixing Operations
143SSTXXR17FIT - Warehousing and Data Entry
144SSTXXR18FIT - IT Office Administration and Design
145SSTXXR21FIT - Business Through Computers
146SSTXXR23FIT - IT and Customer Care
147SSTXXR25Instructor Induction Programme
148SSTXXR27Domestic Solar Hot Water Systems Installation
149SSTXXR29I.T. Support
150SSTXXR30Domestic Heat Pump Installation
151SSTXXR31Domestic Biomass Heating Installation
152SSTXXR33CSCS - Experienced Mobile Access Tower Operations
153SSTXXR34ECDL – Part-Time
154SSTXXR36Foundation in Audio-Visual Techniques
155SSTXXR39Retail Skills
156SSTXXR45Construction Plant Operating
157SSTXXR50FIT - IT Retail Sales & Customer Care
158SSTXXR53Kerb Flag & Paviour Laying /Experienced
159SSTXXR55Starting with Computers
160SSTXXR57CSCS - Signing, Lighting & Guarding on Roads
161SSTXXR58Traditional Stone Wall Building - Experienced
162SSTXXR64QSCS - 180 Excavator Quarry Operations - Experienced
163SSTXXR65QSCS - 360 Excavator Quarry Operations - Experienced
164SSTXXR66QSCS - Articulated Dumper Quarry Operations - Experienced
165SSTXXR67QSCS - Crawler Crane Quarry Operations - Experienced
166SSTXXR68QSCS - Front End Loader Quarry Operations - Experienced
167SSTXXR69QSCS - Mini Excavator Quarry Operations - Experienced
168SSTXXR70QSCS - Mobile Crane Quarry Operations - Experienced
169SSTXXR71QSCS - Rigid Dump Truck Quarry Operations - Experienced
170SSTXXR72QSCS - Site Dumper Quarry Operations - Experienced
171SSTXXR73QSCS - Slinger Signaller Quarry Operations - Experienced
172SSTXXR74QSCS - Telescopic Handler Quarry Operations - Experienced
173SSTXXR75QSCS - Tractor Dozer Quarry Operations - Experienced
174SSTXXR76Intelligent Building Control Systems
175SSTXXR77IT Applications and Business Communications
176SSTXXR78CSCS - Health & Safety at Roadworks
177SSTXXR79CSCS - Location of Underground Services
178SSTXXR80Childcare Supervisor
179SSTXXR81MySQL & PHP for Dynamic Websites
180SSTXXR86Finance - Foundation Programme
181SSTXXR87Web Design with Adobe Dreamweaver
182SSTXXR88Windows 2003 Server Management
183SSTXXR92CSCS Shotfiring
184SSTXXR96FIT - IT and Business Systems
185SSTXXR97FIT - IT and Communications Skills
186SSTXXR98FIT - IT and Reception Skills
187SSTXXR99World Skills Olympics
188SSTXX01RFIT - Microsoft Certified Professional
189SSTXX02RFIT - PC Maintenance
190SST Short CourseXXZ01Drainlaying
191SST Short CourseXXZ02Kerbing and Paving
192SST Short CourseXXZ03Communications and Customer Care
193SST Short CourseXXZ04Warehousing Purchasing and Procurement
194SST Short CourseXXZ05Telesales
195SST Short CourseXXZ06Landscape Construction
196SST Short CourseXXZ07Domestic Thermal Insulation
197SST Short CourseXXZ08Warehousing Storage and Distribution
198SST Short CourseXXZ11Warehouse Operations and Forklift Truck Driving
199SST Short CourseXXZ12Retail Sales
200SST Short CourseXXZ13ICT Product Sales
201SST Short CourseXXZ14Steps to Self Employment
202SST Short CourseXXZ15Spreadsheets
203SST Short CourseXXZ16Word Processing - MOS Core
204SST Short CourseXXZ17Manual and Computerised Accounts
205SST Short CourseXXZ18Clerical Receptionist
206SST Short CourseXXZ19Computerised Payroll
207SST Short CourseXXZ20Legal Practice and Procedures
208SST Short CourseXXZ22Concreting
209SST Short CourseXXZ23Renewable Energy
210SST Short CourseXXZ24Hydraulics
211SST Short CourseXXZ26CNC Competencies
212SST Short CourseXXZ27Pneumatics
213SST Short CourseXXZ29Programmable Logic Controllers - PLCs
214SST Short CourseXXZ30Electrical/Electronic Control Systems
215SST Short CourseXXZ312D Computer Aided Draughting and Design
216SST Short CourseXXZ32Basic Word Processing
217SST Short CourseXXZ33Basic Spreadsheets
218SST Short CourseXXZ34Exhaust Replacement Fitting
219SST Short CourseXXZ35Tyre Replacement Fitting
220SST Short CourseXXZ36Welding - MMA Flat-Horizontal - Plate
221SST Short CourseXXZ37Welding - MMA Positional – Plate and Pipe
222SST Short CourseXXZ38Welding - MIG Flat- -Horizontal - Plate
223SST Short CourseXXZ39Welding MIG Positional – Plate & Pipe
224SST Short CourseXXZ40Welding Pipe (Schedule 80)
225SST Short CourseXXZ41Welding TIG Alum & SS plate
226SST Short CourseXXZ42Welding TIG Alum & SS Plate & Pipe
227SST Short CourseXXZ44Introduction to Computer Hardware
228SST Short CourseXXZ45Multimedia Authoring
229SST Short CourseXXZ46Digital Image Editing
230SST Short CourseXXZ47Makeup
231SST Short CourseXXZ50Windows Server Administration
232SST Short CourseXXZ51Foundations in IT
233SST Short CourseXXZ52Basic IT Maintenance
234SST Short CourseXXZ533D Computer Aided Draughting and Design
235SST Short CourseXXZ62Medical Devices Industrial Skills
236SST Short CourseXXZ78Built Up Roofing-Single Ply (Experienced Workers)
237SST Short CourseXXZ79Built Up Roof Felter-Bituminous
238SST Short CourseXXZ95Domestic Biomass Installation
239SST Short CourseXXZ99Building Energy Rating Assessor
240SST Short CourseXX01ZPrinciples of Management
241SST Short CourseXX02ZPractical Management
242SST Short CourseXX03ZSecurity Personnel
243SST Short CourseXX07ZComputer Basics
244SST Short CourseXX09ZCustomer Service Agent
245SST Short CourseXX11ZDomestic Thermal Insulation & External Rendering Techniques
246SST Short CourseXX12ZAir Tightness Testing & Measurement
247SST Short CourseXX13ZAir Tightness Installation
248SST Short CourseXX19ZVB.Net Programming
249SST Short CourseXX20ZJAVA Programming
250SST Short CourseXX21ZC++ Programming
251SST Short CourseXX23ZExecutive Networking and Support Programme
252SST Short CourseXX24ZInstallation of Domestic Photo Voltaic Systems
253SST Short CourseXX26ZPlanning for the Future
254SST Short CourseXX28ZPersonal and Professional Development
255SST Short CourseXX29ZManagement Development
256SST Short CourseXX30ZCore Management Skills
257SST Short CourseXX32ZCareer Reorientation Programme
258SST Short CourseXX35ZFork Lift Truck Operator - Novice
259SST Short CourseXX36ZECDL
260SST Short CourseXX38ZKNX Building Control Systems
261SST Short CourseXX39ZEntrepreneurship Programme
262SST Short CourseXX40ZDigital Electronics and Networking
263SST Short CourseXX41ZRadio Broadcasting Foundation
264SST Short CourseXX43ZIT Maintenance
265SST Short CourseXX44ZVinyl Floor Installer
266SST Short CourseXX46ZTraining and Development
267SST Short CourseXX47ZCompTIA Network+ 2009
268SST Short CourseXX49ZChoices - Personal & Technical Development
269SST Short CourseXX50ZInternational Travel Industry Studies
270SST Short CourseXX53ZEquestrian Tourism Assistant Ride Leader
271RefresherXXD01Advanced Roofing Skills -Short Course
272RefresherXXD02Stair Construction - Short Course
273RefresherXXD03Plaster Mouldwork - Refresher Course
274RefresherXXD04Roofing - Refresher Course
275RefresherXXD05Diesel Engine Management Systems - Refresher Course
276RefresherXXD06Stair Construction - Straight - Refresher Course
277RefresherXXD07Electrical Testing & Verification - Refresher
278RefresherXXD10Kitchen/Wardrobe Manufacturing & Installation – Refresher
279RefresherXXD12Fascia, Soffit, Verge & Roof Maintenance - Refresher
280RefresherXXD13Motor Operation, Control and Fault Analysis
281TraineeshipXXS30Office Administrator Traineeship
282TraineeshipXXS33Software Developer Traineeship
283TraineeshipXXS39Forestry Operative Traineeship
284TraineeshipXXS40Freight Forwarding Clerk Traineeship
285TraineeshipXXS41Sales and Marketing Assistant Traineeship
286TraineeshipXXS42Legal Secretary Traineeship
287TraineeshipXXS45Supply Chain Logistics Traineeship
288TraineeshipXXS47Leisure Centre Instructor Traineeship
289TraineeshipXXS48Jewellery Manufacturing Operative Traineeship
290TraineeshipXXS51Childcare Practitioner Traineeship
291TraineeshipXXS52Beauty Therapist Traineeship
292TraineeshipXXS53Pharmacy Sales Assistant Traineeship
293TraineeshipXXS57Financial Adviser's Assistant Traineeship
294TraineeshipXXS59Auto - Turning Operator/Setter Traineeship
295TraineeshipXXS60Equestrian International Instructor Level 1 (BHSAI) Traineeship
296TraineeshipXXS63Business Systems Service Technician Traineeship
297TraineeshipXXS64Outdoor Activity Instructor Traineeship
298TraineeshipXXS65Thatcher Traineeship
299TraineeshipXXS67Telecommunications Technical Operator Traineeship
300TraineeshipXXS68Trainee Jockey Traineeship
301TraineeshipXXS72Racing Groom - Traineeship
302TraineeshipXXS73Private Security Personnel - Traineeship
303TraineeshipXXS76Employed Door Security Personnel
304TraineeshipXXS77Employed Security Guarding Personnel
305TraineeshipXXS78IT Support Specialist - Traineeship
306TraineeshipXXS79Healthcare Assistant Traineeship
307TraineeshipXXS91Sales Service Fitter Traineeship
308TraineeshipXXS92Medical Secretary - Traineeship
309TraineeshipXXR37Electro-Mechanical Automation Traineeship
310Phased TraineeshipXXK01Healthcare Assistant Traineeship Phase 1
311Phased TraineeshipXXK02Healthcare Assistant Traineeship Phase 2
312Phased TraineeshipXXK03Healthcare Assistant Traineeship Phase 3
313Phased TraineeshipXXK04Childcare Practitioner Traineeship Phase 1
314Phased TraineeshipXXK05Child Care Practitioner Traineeship Phase 2
315Phased TraineeshipXXK06Childcare Practitioner Traineeship Phase 3
316Phased TraineeshipXXK07Beauty Therapist Traineeship Phase 1
317Phased TraineeshipXXK08Beauty Therapist Traineeship Phase 2
318Phased TraineeshipXXK09Beauty Therapist Traineeship Phase 3
319Phased TraineeshipXXK10Leisure Centre Instructor Traineeship – Phase 1
320Phased TraineeshipXXK11Leisure Centre Instructor Traineeship – Phase 2
321Phased TraineeshipXXK12Childcare Practitioner Traineeship Phase 1 and 2
322Phased TraineeshipXXK13Healthcare Assistant Traineeship Phase 1 and 2
323Sponsored TrainingXX126Gas Installation - Safety - Sponsored Training
324Sponsored TrainingXX416Gas Installation 2 - Sponsored Training
325Sponsored TrainingXX417Gas Installation Update - Sponsor Training
326Sponsored TrainingXX421Safepass - Sponsored Training
327Sponsored TrainingXX906Gas Installer Domestic (G.I.D.) - Sponsored Training
328Sponsored TrainingXX910Fork Lift Truck Operator - Novice - Sponsored Training
329Sponsored TrainingXX911Fork Lift Truck Operator - Experienced - Sponsored Training
330Sponsored TrainingXX939Injection Moulding - Sponsored Training
331Sponsored TrainingXX488Multimedia Training - Sponsored Training
332Sponsored TrainingXXR03Advanced Diploma in Hairdressing - Sponsored Training
333Sponsored TrainingXXR26CNC Machine Setting and Operation - Sponsored Training
334Night TrainingXXQ01Safety Health & Welfare at Work
335Night TrainingXXQ04Web Page Design (Intro)
336Night TrainingXXQ06Oil Burner Servicing
337Night TrainingXXQ09Interior Design
338Night TrainingXXQ10Programming in Java (Intro)
339Night TrainingXXQ101Manual Handling
340Night TrainingXXQ102The Digital Darkroom Retouch Tech
341Night TrainingXXQ103MS Office Specialist (Excel Expert)
342Night TrainingXXQ104SBA Electrician P2 T1 Revision
343Night TrainingXXQ105SBA Electrician P2 T2 Revision
344Night TrainingXXQ108Adv Digital Imaging - Photoshop CS
345Night TrainingXXQ112 Dimensional C.A.D
346Night TrainingXXQ110ACCA Paper 1 CAT
347Night TrainingXXQ111ACCA Paper 2 CAT
348Night TrainingXXQ112ACCA Paper 3 CAT
349Night TrainingXXQ113ACCA Paper 4 CAT
350Night TrainingXXQ114Bookkeeping Module A
351Night TrainingXXQ115Bookkeeping Module B
352Night TrainingXXQ118Principles & Practice 2D CAD Level 3
353Night TrainingXXQ119ACCA Paper 5 CAT
354Night TrainingXXQ12Desktop Publishing Level 2
355Night TrainingXXQ120ACCA Paper 6 CAT
356Night TrainingXXQ122Artic Driving EC Licence
357Night TrainingXXQ123Bus Driving D Licence
358Night TrainingXXQ126ECDL Part 1
359Night TrainingXXQ127ECDL Part 2
360Night TrainingXXQ13Wood Turning Level 2
361Night TrainingXXQ130ECDL PART 3
362Night TrainingXXQ140ACCA Paper 7 CAT
363Night TrainingXXQ141ACCA Paper 10 CAT
364Night TrainingXXQ143ACCA Paper 8 Course
365Night TrainingXXQ146Project Management (Basic)
366Night TrainingXXQ149Advanced Web Design
367Night TrainingXXQ153Door Security
368Night TrainingXXQ154Security Guarding
369Night TrainingXXQ160Manicure/Pedicure (ITEC Certificate)
370Night TrainingXXQ163Gas Installer Domestic (G.I.D.)
371Night TrainingXXQ165Domestic Biomass Heating Installation
372Night TrainingXXQ166Domestic Heat Pump Installation
373Night TrainingXXQ167Domestic Solar Hot Water Systems Installation
374Night TrainingXXQ169CV Preparation
375Night TrainingXXQ17Electronics (Basic)
376Night TrainingXXQ170Autocad 2010 3D Modelling
377Night TrainingXXQ1713D CAD Revit Architecture
378Night TrainingXXQ172Computer Basics (Equal Skills)
379Night TrainingXXQ173Computer Basics (e-Citizen)
380Night TrainingXXQ174Legal Practice and Procedures
381Night TrainingXXQ1753D Model Design - Civil Survey
382Night TrainingXXQ1763D Max 2010 Design Visualisation
383Night TrainingXXQ177Preparing for Business Enterprise - ILM Certificate
384Night TrainingXXQ179Coaching for Change
385Night TrainingXXQ181Transport and Distribution
386Night TrainingXXQ182Warehousing and Inventory
387Night TrainingXXQ187Market Gardening
388Night TrainingXXQ19ILM Cert in Mgt. (Intro)
389Night TrainingXXQ190Keyboard Skills Basic
390Night TrainingXXQ192Nail Technology Diploma (ITEC)
391Night TrainingXXQ194Reducing Home Energy Costs
392Night TrainingXXQ21Computerised Accounts
393Night TrainingXXQ22Desktop Publishing Level 1
394Night TrainingXXQ23ECDL
395Night TrainingXXQ24Introduction to Computers
396Night TrainingXXQ25Start your Own Business
397Night TrainingXXQ26MS Office Specialist (Word Core)
398Night TrainingXXQ27MS Office Specialist (EXCEL Core)
399Night TrainingXXQ28MS Office Specialist (ACCESS Core)
400Night TrainingXXQ29ILM Cert in Management
401Night TrainingXXQ33ECDL Spreadsheet Advanced
402Night TrainingXXQ36TIG Welding (Basic)
403Night TrainingXXQ40MS Office Specialist (Word Expert)
404Night TrainingXXQ41MS Office Specialist (Outlook)
405Night TrainingXXQ42Clerical/Receptionist Skills
406Night TrainingXXQ43Plumbing (Basic)
407Night TrainingXXQ44Computerised Payroll
408Night TrainingXXQ45CV and Interview Preparation
409Night TrainingXXQ48Hairdressing (Basic)
410Night TrainingXXQ52Gas Welding - Course
411Night TrainingXXQ53Electrical (Basics)
412Night TrainingXXQ56PC Maintenance
413Night TrainingXXQ58AutoCad (Introduction)
414Night TrainingXXQ59Programmable Logic Controllers
415Night TrainingXXQ64Digital Imaging Using Photoshop
416Night TrainingXXQ66Cert in Training & Development
417Night TrainingXXQ67Supervisory Management
418Night TrainingXXQ68Arc Welding (Basic)
419Night TrainingXXQ69Mig Welding
420Night TrainingXXQ70Sales Rep. & Customer Care
421Night TrainingXXQ71Occupational First Aid
422Night TrainingXXQ72Warehouse Management
423Night TrainingXXQ73Introduction to Stores Management
424Night TrainingXXQ74Manual Accounts & Payroll
425Night TrainingXXQ76Jewellery Stone Setting
426Night TrainingXXQ78Powerpoint, Email & Internet
427Night TrainingXXQ79Word Processing Advanced
428Night TrainingXXQ82Introd. to Internet/E-mail
429Night TrainingXXQ83Roofing - Cutting & Calculating
430Night TrainingXXQ84SAGE Accounts and Payroll
431Night TrainingXXQ85Computer Appreciation
432Night TrainingXXQ86Machine Tool Operating
433Night TrainingXXQ87Preparation for ECDL
434Night TrainingXXQ88Gas Welding Basic
435Night TrainingXXQ92Woodturning Level 1
436Night TrainingXXQ93Computerised Accounts Level 2
437Night TrainingXXQ96Gas Installation - Safety
438Night TrainingXXQ97Safepass
439Night TrainingXXQ98Rigid Truck Driving
440Night TrainingXXQ99Extensible Markup Language (XML)
441Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL01ECDL
442Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL02ECDL Mod 1 Concepts of Information & Communication Technology
443Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL03ECDL Mod 2 Using the Computer and Managing Files
444Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL04ECDL Mod 3 Word Processing
445Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL05ECDL Mod 4 Spreadsheets
446Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL06ECDL Mod 5 Using Databases
447Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL07ECDL Mod 6 Presentation
448Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL08ECDL Mod 7 - Web Browsing & Communication
449Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL09Photoshop CS3
450Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL12Microsoft Word 2003
451Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL13Microsoft Word 2003 Expert
452Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL14Microsoft Excel 2003
453Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL15Microsoft Excel 2003 Expert
454Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL16Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
455Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL17Microsoft Access 2003
456Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL18Microsoft Outlook 2003
457Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL19Microsoft Word 2007
458Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL20CompTIA A+Essentials
459Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL21Microsoft Excel 2007
460Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL22Microsoft Access 2007
461Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL23Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
462Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL24Microsoft Outlook 2007
463Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL25CompTIA A+ 2006 IT Technician
464Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL26Cisco Interconnecting Network Devices ICND) Part 1
465Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL27Cisco Interconnecting Network Devices (ICND) Part 2
466Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL28CompTIA Network+ 2005
467Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL29Windows Server 2003 Managing a Server Environment
468Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL30Windows XP Installation & Administration
469Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL31CIW Foundations v5
470Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL32CIW Site Design v5
471Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL33CIW eCommerce Designer v5
472Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL34Dreamweaver CS3
473Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL35Flash CS3
474Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL36Java Programming S.E. 6
475Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL37Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Web
476Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL38Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Windows
477Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL39Bookkeeping and Payroll 2009
478Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL40Project Management (CAPM)
479Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL44Microsoft .NET Framework - Application Development Foundation
480Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL45ECDL Modules 1, 2, 3 and 7
481Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL46ECDL Modules 3, 4, 5 and 6
482Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL47Manual Payroll
483Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL482D - The Principles and Practice of CAD (01)
484Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL49Computerised Accounts
485Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL50Computerised Payroll
486Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL51Manual Bookkeeping
487Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL52CompTIA Network + 2009
488Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL53Industrial Automation-Programmable Logic Controllers
489Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL54Industrial Automation-Pneumatics
490Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL55Industrial Automation-Electrical/Electronic Control Systems
491Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL57Leadership & Management - ILM Certificate
492Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL58Microsoft Office Master 2007 (BT)
493Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL61Microsoft Office Master 2007
494Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL62Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certificate
495Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL64FÁS eLearning at the Library
496Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL65Retail Skills
497Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL66Transport and Distribution Logistics
498Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL672D - The Application and Modification of CAD (02)
499Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL68Self Employment and Career Development – Ignite
500Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL69Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST)
501Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL70ITIL v3 Foundation (IT Service Management)
502Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL71Prince2 Foundation (Project Management)
503Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL73Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration
504Online Tutor Support WorkshopsXXL75Dreamweaver CS4
505On-line CourseXXN01ECDL
506On-line CourseXXN02ECDL Mod 1 Concepts of Information & Communication Technology
507On-line CourseXXN03ECDL Mod 2 Using the Computer and Managing Files
508On-line CourseXXN04ECDL Mod 3 Word Processing
509On-line CourseXXN05ECDL Mod 4 Spreadsheets
510On-line CourseXXN06ECDL Mod 5 Using Databases
511On-line CourseXXN07ECDL Mod 6 Presentation Skills
512On-line CourseXXN08ECDL Mod 7 Web Browsing and Communication
513On-line CourseXXN09Photoshop CS3
514On-line CourseXXN12Microsoft Word 2003
515On-line CourseXXN13Microsoft Word 2003 Expert
516On-line CourseXXN14Microsoft Excel 2003
517On-line CourseXXN15Microsoft Excel 2003 Expert
518On-line CourseXXN16Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
519On-line CourseXXN17Microsoft Access 2003
520On-line CourseXXN18Microsoft Outlook 2003
521On-line CourseXXN19Microsoft Word 2007
522On-line CourseXXN20CompTIA A+ Essentials
523On-line CourseXXN21Microsoft Excel 2007
524On-line CourseXXN22Microsoft Access 2007
525On-line CourseXXN23Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
526On-line CourseXXN24Microsoft Outlook 2007
527On-line CourseXXN25CompTIA A+ 2006 IT Technician
528On-line CourseXXN26Cisco Interconnecting Network Devices (ICND) Part 1
529On-line CourseXXN27Cisco Interconnecting Network Devices (ICND) Part 2
530On-line CourseXXN28CompTIA Network+ 2005
531On-line CourseXXN29Windows Server 2003 Managing a Server Environment
532On-line CourseXXN30Windows XP Installation & Administration
533On-line CourseXXN31CIW Foundations v5
534On-line CourseXXN32CIW Site Designer v5
535On-line CourseXXN33CIW eCommerce Designer v5
536On-line CourseXXN34Dreamweaver CS3
537On-line CourseXXN35Flash CS3
538On-line CourseXXN36Java Programming S.E.6
539On-line CourseXXN37Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Web
540On-line CourseXXN38Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Windows
541On-line CourseXXN39Bookkeeping and Payroll 2009
542On-line CourseXXN40Project Management (CAPM)
543On-line CourseXXN43Generic Skills for Employment
544On-line CourseXXN44Microsoft .NET Framework - Application Development Foundation
545On-line CourseXXN45ECDL Modules 1, 2, 3 and 7
546On-line CourseXXN46ECDL Modules 3, 4, 5 and 6
547On-line CourseXXN47Common Modules for Apprentices
548On-line CourseXXN52CompTIA Network+ 2009
549On-line CourseXXN65Dreamweaver CS4

Photo of George LeeGeorge Lee (Dublin South, Fine Gael)
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Question 89: To ask the Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment the number of spaces reserved for apprentices at each of the FÁS centres; and if she will make a statement on the matter. [5788/10]

Photo of Mary CoughlanMary Coughlan (Tánaiste; Minister, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment; Donegal South West, Fianna Fail)
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I refer the Deputy to the reply given to Parliamentary Question 2980/10 of Tuesday 26 January 2010. As requested, this data was issued to the Deputy yesterday.


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