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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

3:00 am

Photo of Denis LandyDenis Landy (Labour)

-----the previous speaker who managed to run three items together. He even interrupts me during my little item.

I would like to raise a serious issue today that is causing problems in both rural and urban Ireland. This is the continuous theft of gold for sale. I have seen statistics from the Garda Síochána in my own area and in my region which show that robberies are being carried out specifically to steal gold. This gold is being sold to shops which are unregulated and which do not require any identification of those vendors selling them gold, which they then sell on the market. I have sought legislation on this issue and have been in contact with the Minister's office through one of my colleagues. I have been informed that it is under consideration. There is currently no traceability for gold sold by cash for gold shops.

In view of the serious nature of this matter, the epidemic of robberies throughout the country specifically related to gold, and the sentimental consequences of these robberies to people, I call on the Minister to introduce legislation immediately to ensure there is full traceability of all gold that is being sold through cash for gold shops. This can be done easily and very quickly. I ask the Leader of the House to bring this matter to the attention of the Minister.

I would also ask the Minister to give a little bit more thought to the type of response he gives back to Senators on issues that we raise in this House. I got a reply to a serious issue I raised two weeks ago, namely, the Eamon Lillis case. I got a one-line reply from the Minister which did not refer to the issue I was raising and included Senator Cáit Keane in the response, even though the Senator did not raise the issue at all. Senators need to get some serious responses from Ministers from now on.


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