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Topical Issue Matters (8 Mar 2018)

Pat Gallagher: ...Anne Rabbitte - statistics on newborn babies entering homeless accommodation; (14) Deputy Robert Troy - supports for persons suffering from myalgic encephalomyelitis, ME; and (15) Deputy Mick Wallace - NAMA's email deletion policy with respect to former staff. The matters raised by Deputies Eugene Murphy, Margaret Murphy O'Mahony, Sean Sherlock and Kathleen Funchion have been selected...

Public Accounts Committee: Business of Committee (8 Mar 2018)

Seán Fleming: ...right, left and centre and told it had nothing to do with this committee. Our work on that case has contributed to the establishment of a commission of inquiry. We dealt with the issue of Project Eagle and NAMA. A vague commitment had been made to establish a tribunal or commission of investigation but that had gone off the boil. Our committee's report brought the issue back to the...

Topical Issue Matters (7 Mar 2018)

Pat Gallagher: ...O'Dea - to ask the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection the employment status and remuneration of self-employed branch managers contracted by her Department; (12) Deputy Mick Wallace - NAMA's email deletion policy with respect to former staff; (13) Deputy Richard Boyd Barrett - the patronage system in the education sector; and (14) Deputy Billy Kelleher - the impact of...

Consumer Protection (Regulation of Credit Servicing Firms) (Amendment) Bill 2018: Second Stage [Private Members] (6 Mar 2018) See 1 other result from this debate

Catherine Murphy: ...the case that other entities are required to offer the same measures as are required to be offered by the banks. An article, with the headline, "US vulture funds clean up as Nama sells out", quotes the CEO and co-founder of Blackstone, Mr. Steve Schwarzman, thus: " We're basically waiting to see how beaten up people's psyches get and where they're willing to sell...

Topical Issue Debate: Emergency Accommodation Provision (6 Mar 2018)

Ruth Coppinger: ...affordable and social homes. There has been a huge increase in the amount of wealth at the top of society. There are also the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, ISIF, and the National Asset Management Agency, NAMA, funds.

Seanad: Data Protection Bill 2018: Committee Stage (Resumed) (6 Mar 2018)

Alice Mary Higgins: ...for the processing of personal data by any local authority where considered necessary and includes an extensive list of bodies, for example, museums, agencies, broadcasters, financial bodies like NAMA, tourism boards and housing agencies. It also makes further provision for the disclosure of personal data for the purpose of preserving the common travel area by air carriers and leaves to...

Leaders' Questions (28 Feb 2018)

Joan Collins: ...of euros have been sold off to hedge funds, private equity giants and international banks. The biggest seller in this was the State through the medium of the National Asset Management Agency, NAMA. The liquidation of the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, IBRC, facilitated the sell off of €22 billion in loans in a matter of months. This all started, appropriately enough, in Davos...

Topical Issue Matters (22 Feb 2018)

Pat Gallagher: ...; (15) Deputy Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire - to discuss the waiting times for driving tests at the Sarsfield Road centre, Cork; and (16) Deputy Mick Wallace - to discuss the former staff email policy employed by NAMA. The matters raised by Deputies Seán Sherlock, Peter Fitzpatrick, Niamh Smyth, and Brendan Smith have been selected for discussion.

Seanad: Sale of Permanent TSB Loan Book: Statements (22 Feb 2018)

Maire Devine: ...pretty sensitive about that. That is tough. Pity on them - if the cap fits they should wear it. Recently, they have bought up hundreds of millions of euro of distressed assets from the banks and NAMA at heavy discounts. They have no interest in developing relationships with borrowers. They are only interested in seeing a quick return. This is a result of the lack of regulation in the...

Select Committee on Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform, and Taoiseach: Vote 7 - Office of the Minister for Finance (Revised)
Vote 8 - Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General (Revised)
Vote 9 - Office of the Revenue Commissioners (Revised)
Vote 10 - Tax Appeals Commission (Revised)
(22 Feb 2018)

Paschal Donohoe: ...and financial advisory division is responsible for the management of the State’s investments in the banking sector. It responsible for the management of our shareholding in the National Asset Management Agency, NAMA, and represents my interests regarding the oversight of the agency. A key highlight here was the successful IPO of AIB. That unit also works on many issues relating...

Public Accounts Committee: Comptroller and Auditor General 2016 Report
Chapter 20: Corporation Tax Receipts (Resumed)
(22 Feb 2018) See 1 other result from this debate

Mr. Seamus McCarthy: There was a restriction on the use of losses by NAMA-participating banks for a period.

Written Answers — Department of Finance: NAMA Operations (22 Feb 2018)

Tommy Broughan: 64. To ask the Minister for Finance if he will report on the remaining work of NAMA; the estimated likely net proceeds from the completion of NAMA; and the statutory task and future roles he envisages for the agency. [9142/18]

Project Ireland 2040: Statements (Resumed) (21 Feb 2018)

Mick Wallace: ...It has become too big a problem for too many people as they try to put a roof over their heads. Some institutions have a cartel, particularly in Dublin, and since REITs came in we have turned a blind eye to NAMA selling all its property to them for peanuts. We took this issue up with the then Minister for Finance, Deputy Michael Noonan, who spoke of the professional landlord taking over...

Questions on Promised Legislation (21 Feb 2018)

Tommy Broughan: ...the Celtic Tiger era are defective and may be fire traps, yet developers who allegedly built some of those homes are now building once again and announcing new estates, etc., with the help of NAMA in spite of the particular importance of this issue since the Grenfell Tower fire. I have been in contact with the Minister in that regard. Will it be possible to identify such rogue...

Topical Issue Debate: NAMA Portfolio (20 Feb 2018) See 2 other results from this debate

Michael D'Arcy: When I was given this issue, I contacted the Taoiseach and I have been made aware of some of the background to it. It is important to note that NAMA has a commercial remit and a statutory objective to obtain the best achievable return for the taxpayer. However, in the context of its commercial remit and consistent with section 2 of the National Asset Management Act 2009, NAMA is at all...

Seanad: Order of Business (20 Feb 2018)

Aidan Davitt: ..., the impairment of our balance sheets and the ratio of loans to assets in the banks. As it has come down the road from the European Union, we cannot be oblivious to it. We were quick to deliver NAMA to large enterprises, banks, large developers and everyone else it suited at the time. Why can the common person not have a NAMA? It is the common-sense way forward. Certainly, the banks...

Leaders' Questions (20 Feb 2018)

Mary Lou McDonald: ...also support the legislation Sinn Féin has brought forward to protect homeowners affected by sales to vulture funds. How about this for an idea? Will the Taoiseach issue a direction to the banks and NAMA today that under no circumstances should any domestic mortgages be sold to any vulture fund, either now or in the future? Will he make that phone call? Will he support the...

Questions on Promised Legislation (15 Feb 2018)

Niall Collins: On the programme for Government commitment to protect homeowners, it is fair to say that the Government stood back from NAMA when it sold distressed loans to vulture funds and it also stood back from the non-Irish banks when they sold their distressed loan portfolios. We have seen the fallout and carnage of that in terms of how people were dealt with by the vulture funds, which are...

Public Accounts Committee: Business of Committee (15 Feb 2018)

Seán Fleming: are now the subject matter of the Charleton tribunal. We also received correspondence from the commission of investigation under the chairmanship of Mr. Justice Cooke which was dealing with NAMA and Project Eagle. We have been assisting and supporting that inquiry in dealing with all of its requests for information. It is another item with which we have dealt extensively. ...

Written Answers — Department of Finance: NAMA Operations (15 Feb 2018)

Ruth Coppinger: 109. To ask the Minister for Finance if he will raise with the National Asset Management Agency, NAMA, the development for commercial use of the land used by a club (details supplied) for its playing pitches; his views on whether NAMA is delivering on its social responsibilities to the community; and if he will make a statement on the matter. [7932/18]

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