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Written Answers — Department of Finance: IBRC Liquidation (20 Sep 2017)

Marc MacSharry: 177. To ask the Minister for Finance further to Parliamentary Question No. 134 of 11 September 2017, the basis on which the rebate of €5 million was provided by the special liquidators in respect of their costs; if this or other rebates were requested by him; the way in which the sum of €5 million was calculated; if it related to overcharging or failure to deliver the services...

Written Answers — Department of Rural and Community Development: Leader Programmes Data (28 Sep 2017)

Michael Ring: Leader is a multi-annual programme which has a budget of €250 million over the period to 2014-2020.  The programme is delivered in 28 sub-regional areas by Local Action Groups (LAGs).  Funding Agreements with the LAGs for the current programme were, for the most part, signed with the LAGs in the second half of 2016 and the programme effectively became operational from...

Written Answers — Department of Finance: Euro Coins Production (3 Apr 2014)

Michael Noonan: ...the Central Bank. The 1 cent and 2 cent coins account for 60% of those issues. The following tables give a detailed breakdown per year. In 2001, as preparation for the launch of the Euro, 970 million coins were frontloaded to the cash cycle and are not included in the following tables. In 2013, based on a recommendation of the National Payments Plan, the Central Bank ran a trial...

Written Answers — National Treatment Purchase Fund: National Treatment Purchase Fund (20 Feb 2007)

Mary Harney: ...patients who had been longest waiting on surgical in-patient waiting lists. The NTPF became a statutory body in May 2004. The funding allocated to the NTPF since 2002 is as follows:- 2002: €5 million, 2003: €30 million, 2004: €44 million, 2005: €64 million, 2006: €78 million, 2007: €88.5 million. At the end of 2006, the NTPF had arranged surgery for 52,962; out-patient...

Joint Oireachtas Committee on Education and Skills: Effects of Covid-19 on Further Education and Training: Discussion (10 Dec 2020)

Pauline O'Reilly: I thank Mr. Brownlee, Ms Gallagher and Ms Hanney. I really appreciate their joining us over video link. Mr. Brownlee mentioned €5 million provided to help with public health, €5 million provided for technology, and a further €8 million provided in the final quarter. He also mentioned the measures in the July stimulus for apprenticeships. From the witnesses'...

Written Answers — Department of Finance: Tax Yield (28 Mar 2017)

Michael Noonan: ...that based on provisional 2016 data, the yield to the Exchequer arising from the abolition of tax relief for private health insurance premiums is tentatively estimated to be in the order of €330 million. The estimated yield to the Exchequer from reducing the current rate of tax relief from 20% to 5%, 10%, 12%, 15%, 18% and 19%, assuming retention of the current ceilings for the...

Written Answers — Tax Yield: Tax Yield (29 Nov 2011)

Michael Noonan: ...exemption threshold of €4,004 per annum for the Universal Social Charge (USC) to the proposed thresholds, are set out in a table. Proposed USC (Yearly) Exemption Thresholds Cost €10,000 €45 million €11,000 €60 million €12,000 €70 million €13,000 €85 million €14,000 €105 million €15,000 €120 million €16,000 €140 million €17,000 €165 million...

Joint Oireachtas Committee on Regional Development, Rural Affairs, Arts and the Gaeltacht: Culture 2025 - Éire Ildánach: a Framework Policy to 2025 and Related Matters: Discussion (7 Sep 2016) a creative one because I am a theatre director, so I am not wildly qualified to discuss it. Everything is ripe for reform and examination at all points. The pool of money is small, with just €5 million allocated each year. Actually, it is probably less, although that is a guess. Some €5 million sounds like loads but it gets divided up.

Joint Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine: Vote 30 - Update on Pre-Budget and Policy Issues: Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine (23 Sep 2014)

Thomas Pringle: The section relating to overall expenditure under programme B, with an outturn at the end of August of €128 million. If we project that number out over 12 months it will be approximately €11 million below budget. Also, the figure for wages is running at €7 million, or €5 million above budget. Does the Minister have any information on this?

Public Accounts Committee: 2011 Annual Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General and Appropriation Accounts
Vote 7 - Superannuation and Retired Allowances
Vote 42 - Office of the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform
Chapter 6 - Financial Commitments under Public Private Partnerships
Chapter 12 - Vote Accounting
Chapter 13 - Procurement without a Competitive Process
(3 Oct 2013)

Seán Fleming: ...issued last week that the average cost of finance in respect of the national debt is about 4%. I do not see a reason the State and the taxpayer should have to pay a finance charge of more than 5% on a figure of €4 billion to €5 billion. If we were to save 1% on the finance charge on a figure of €4 billion, there would be a saving of €40 million next year. If...

Joint Oireachtas Committee on Social Protection: Rural Hubs, Broadband and Mobile Phone Coverage in Rural Ireland: Department of Rural and Community Development (2 Dec 2020)

Dr. Stjohn O'Connor: On the question of whether the €5 million fund will be available to boost the BCPs, it is explicitly targeted at the BCPs and hub development. To answer the Deputy's second question on the difference between the funds and having a coherent approach, if we step back 12 months, this issue was not as topical as it is now. The world has changed and our response has...

Written Answers — Department of Rural and Community Development: Rural Regeneration and Development Fund (26 Feb 2019)

Michael Ring: ...and Development Fund closed at the end of September. €1 billion is committed to the fund over a 10 year period to support rural economic development and help build strong communities. €315 million is allocated to the fund for 2019-2022. There was an excellent response from all across the country, with 280 applications received. Some126 applications related to Category 1,...

Other Questions: Covid-19 Pandemic Supports (19 Nov 2020)

Catherine Martin: ...We met with the Music and Entertainment Association of Ireland, MEAI, last week and we have met with representatives from EPIC. We have asked them to consider what changes could be made to the €5 million pilot scheme. That is not just a scheme, we have seen it up and running. Last weekend saw the first events from that €5 million and there will be many more over the coming...

Public Accounts Committee: 2011 Annual Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General and Appropriation Accounts
Vote 30 - Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
Chapter 20: Broadcasting Fund
Broadcasting Fund Financial Statements 2011
Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Financial Statements 2011
(18 Apr 2013) See 1 other result from this debate

Mr. Ciarán Kissane: We allocated a significant portion of the reserves. Of the €22 million to which Mr. O’Keeffe referred, we allocated €16 million of it already to projects so the sum of €22 million is not available. The reserve is probably about €5 million and that will reduce this year. Last year we allocated €19 million to projects even...

Written Answers — Department of Health: Budget Targets (20 Dec 2012)

Alex White: ...has committed to achieving additional savings of €160 in expenditure on drugs and medicines in 2013 as set out in the following table: IPHA/APMI Agreement on Drug Price Reductions €120 million Quality Prescribing Initiative €20 million Reduce price of oral nutritional supplements €5 million Delisting products from GMS scheme €15 million

Written Answers — Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine: Fishing Industry (8 Nov 2017)

Michael Creed: In 2016, there were 156 seafood processing enterprises providing close to 4,000 jobs in peripheral coastal communities. Some 24 of these enterprises (16%) had revenues over €10 million, 52 (33%) had revenues between €1 million and €10 million and 80 (51%) had revenues of less than €1 million. The growth and increasing scale of the processing sector can be seen...

Public Accounts Committee: Section 38 - Agencies Remuneration (11 Dec 2013)

Kieran O'Donnell: I want to go back to Friends and Supporters of the CRC Limited. Between 1998 and 2011 it raised approximately €27.856 million, of which almost €8 million went to the CRC and approximately €15 million was set aside for the provision of loans for associates. There was a balance of approximately €5 million. Of what do the provisions of loans for associates consist of?

Seanad: Harbours (Amendment) Bill 2008: Committee Stage (Resumed) (28 Jan 2009)

Denis O'Donovan: ...and cashflows over the ten years ended 31 December 2011 under review but also a requirement for an up front capital injection to finance the Port's proposed capital expenditure programme of EUR 6.3 million in relation to the New Pier Project. It goes on to state: "The Minister for the Marine and Natural Resources has already approved EUR 1.9 million for this project in 2000". The date in...

Select Committee on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation: Estimates for Public Services 2017
Vote 32 - Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (Supplementary)
(6 Dec 2017)

Mary Butler: I have heard much about it. Subhead B5 relates to the programme of research in third level institutions. There will be an additional €12 million, which will reduce the outstanding commitment in cycle 5. The Department restates there is currently approximately €24.5 million in outstanding commitments. Is that before or after the Supplementary Estimate of €12 million...

Written Answers — Residential Institutions Redress Scheme: Residential Institutions Redress Scheme (5 Apr 2006)

Mary Hanafin: Under the terms of the indemnity agreement reached with the religious congregations on 5 June 2002 the congregations agreed to make a contribution of €128 million towards the redress scheme. This was broken down as follows: cash contribution €41.14 million; provision of counselling services €10 million; and property transfers €76.86 million. The congregations paid the cash...

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