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Select Committee on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation: Consumer Rights Bill 2022: Committee Stage (1 Jun 2022)

Robert Troy: ...and length of a producer's commercial guarantee of durability for all types of good or on the absence of guarantees in the case of energy-using goods; providing information on the availability of free software updates for all goods with digital elements; and providing information on the repairability of products for all types of good. This initiative also seeks to protect consumers...

Post-European Council Meetings: Statements (17 Apr 2019)

Clare Daly: collaborating with Julian Assange and Wikileaks. This is the stuff of fascism. We should be very scared and bothered about where this is going. Ola Bini is a globally respected figure in the free software community and a renowned activist for the digital right to privacy. In 2010, Computer Worldnamed him Sweden's sixth best developer. He is a member of various European and...

Public Accounts Committee: 2017 Annual Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General and Appropriation Accounts
Vote 9: Office of the Revenue Commissioners
Chapter 17: Revenue's Progress in Tackling Tobacco Smuggling
Chapter 18: Management of High Wealth Individuals' Tax Liabilities
Chapter 19: Corporation Tax Losses
(15 Nov 2018)

Mr. Niall Cody: We have engaged with all the software providers. It is interesting that a number of them are providing free software for one or two employees. It is on the basis of getting them in at the start. For those who do not use payroll software we are providing a facility on ROS, the Revenue online service, to enter a simplified procedure. We have been conducting seminars...

Data Protection (14 Jul 2011)

Joe Costello: owner realising that anything is happening. Earlier in the day I Googled the phrase "mobile phone hacking" and got almost 42 million results. Incredibly, millions of websites are offering free software to enable hacking of mobile phone data. That is out there on Google; Deputies can look it up any time. There are even tutorials provided on YouTube about how to hack into phones...

Written Answers — EU Directives: EU Directives (28 Jun 2005)

Brian Cowen: which the payments are made. It is expected that most paying agents will make returns electronically via the Revenue on-line system, ROS. To this end, the Revenue Commissioners have developed free software to prepare and manage returns. This software will be available towards the end of July 2005 using the ROS link on the Revenue web site A paper version of the return...

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