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Paul Anderson
Posted on 28 Apr 2024 11:39 am

Imagine on International Parental Alienation awareness day that you are a heartbroken non abusive and loving Alienated Mother Father or Grandparent who has unjustifiably been obstructed from seeing your child and you hear or see this atrocious possibly abusive question that implies and gaslight that your trauma and your child's trauma is make believe and should not be assessed by a qualified expert and overseen by a Judge?
Thank God that
1. Minister of Justice Helen McEnteer speaks plain common sense and that the six recommendations to address what TD Bernard Durkan espouses as makey up will be implemented plus the others related to it in the Family Justice Strategy.
2. That Parental Alienation is not only part of Irish Government Policy but recognised in Irish Jurisprudence and is necessary to be assessed in situations like when child access court orders are breached that happens far too much in the in camera unpublicised family law courts.
3. Last word goes to Baroness Meyer in the House of Lords who has experienced unlike Durkan - Parental Alienation - "The truth is that children are not necessarily best placed to speak about what is in their best interests. Some will not be able to express their own views, either because they have been coerced, or because they feel guilty, or because they are scared of the consequences of speaking out, while others will be so indoctrinated that they may genuinely believe that they were, for example, sexually abused. While I warmly welcome the Government’s commitment to safeguarding the well-being of children caught in the crossfire of parental discord, I want to put it on the record that parental alienation—the coercive control of children by one parent against the other—does exist. I have raised this in the House several times, and I am not alone in doing so.

Children are vulnerable and can easily be used as weapons, whether by a mother or by a father. Some do so subconsciously, but others do so for their own interest, while it is actually and ultimately the child who pays the price.

I know what I am talking about; I have lived through this experience. Through the charity I have run, I have seen many cases and the long-term consequences on children who have been affected. So please listen to what I have to say, not only to others who think they know best but who feel that it is a vendetta of men versus women. This is about children.

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(Citation: HL Deb, 22 April 2024, c1348)

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