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Hugh T Cavanagh
Posted on 3 Jul 2023 10:43 am

I fail to see how Ireland’s petrol supply, could be in alignment with the UK & Northern Ireland and thirteen of the above (E10) 15 European countries, if they are still selling / supplying “E5 Petrol”, known as a “Protection Grade”, for non-compatible vehicles and machinery, and Ireland is not.
That, while France (2009) and Germany (2011) were the early adaptors of E10 Petrol, they are still reporting to the European Union, large percentages of E5 Petrol sales.
And, I would dearly love to know, how (Ireland’s) yearly, “10% of annual tailpipe carbon emission savings” was achieved with E5 Petrol with a 3% Ethanol (alcohol) add?
Using “Pure Petrol” compared to “E5” (97% Petrol & 3% Ethanol),

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