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Madeline O'Brien
Posted on 8 Jul 2022 10:56 am

I Madeline O'Brien would like to ask the Minister for Justice and Equality if she would comment on the new Justice Plan with the (4) Four Ps
1. Protection
2. prevention
3. Prosecution
4. Policy Coordination

Will the Minister comment on the missing Ps from the plan
5. Proof of People Person Rights.
As in my case I can not report a violent crime against me for over (2) years I am fighting to report the crime against me. I am a victim of a crime and HAVE NO CASE NUMBER, NOI KNOWLEGDE OF GARDA OR GSOC OR MINISTER For JUSTICE all of whom I contacted in relation to this matter.

Could the Minister look at the German Model for Reporting crime and include that in the New plan as PROFF of Crimes against victims here in Ireland.
The current legislation states that GARDA will send letter within (3)three months !!!! 28 months I am still WAITING
The German Model for your reference

Madeline O'Brien MSc

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