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Abby Semple
Posted on 2 May 2022 11:39 am

Public procurement needs to take account of embodied emissions in construction materials, demolition etc. Under the Programme for Government and CAP, there is a commitment for all procurement using public funds to include green criteria by 2023. The EPA published detailed guidance and criteria for green public procurement (GPP) in 2021, based on relevant EU legislation and standards and best environmental practice. The criteria are based on life-cycle assessment so include embodied, operational and end-of-life emissions as well as other impacts on biodiversity etc. BUT there is currently no legislation in Ireland mandating the use of these criteria or requiring a life-cycle approach to procurement of buildings or other infrastructure. Likewise there is no requirement to use public procurement to ensure skills development (e.g. through apprenticeships, training clauses) in the sector. There is no getting around it: GPP adds to the complexity of procurement and the fear is that this will delay the delivery of housing or other needs. We need to get it right - by building the skills both on the part of procurement officers and within the industry to address the true environmental impact of building. There are many tools and resources available for this, including some excellent ones produced by the Irish Green Building Council, EPA, SEAI and European Commission. But it is still mainly optional for central and local government, and there is a lack of incentives to develop projects to the highest green standards.

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