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Pairic Duffy
Posted on 26 Feb 2022 12:02 pm

To Whom it may concern.

I am in receipt of a Public service Pension having spent almost 41 years working in an IoT. As of yet 26/02 2022 I have Not received the 1% pension increase referred to in the question above raised by Imelda Munster TD and replied to by Minister Michael McGrath TD
I would like to refer you to a circular letter number 19/2021 from Mr. Colin Menton, Assistant Secretary in Pay and Pensions Division. Dept. of Public Expenditure and Reform as follows;

I am directed by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform to convey the following instructions to Departments
/ Offices with regard to the application of adjustments to civil service pay in accordance with the Public Service
Agreement “Building Momentum – A New Public Service Agreement 2021-2022”.
To: HR Manager / Personnel Officer in each Department and Office

This circular goes on to say the following;

4. Pensions
4.1. Instructions will issue separately on increasing pensions in payment as a result of the pay adjustments due
on 1 July 2021 and 1 October 2021.
4.2. Additional Superannuation Contributions (ASC): The 2020 rates will continue to apply as there have been no
changes to the thresholds for ASC.

When I contacted the NSSO office in December they told me they had Not yet received a Circular from the Dept. to pay this increase. Investigations by me and a retired former colleague, show that the following Retired Public Service Staff have Not yet received the 1% increase either;
Prison Staff, Teachers, Technicians in IoTs, IoT Admin staff, Gardai.

May I respectfully ask has someone made a mistake and only paid Retired Civil Service Staff and Not included Retired Public Service Staff? The Minister's reply refers to Civil Service Pensions. There was distinctions made before that we were Public Service staff NOT Civil Service.

Most sincerely yours

Páiric Duffy

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