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Michael Sweeney
Posted on 21 Oct 2020 5:33 pm

Minister Ryan must support this Project as part of Government policy to develop the regions as a counterweight to Dublin

The Regional Road 624 linking Great Island and Cobh with the National Road N25 is a strategic road in the regional economy of Cork East. Over 5,000 vehicles use this road between 6am and 9am with a similar number between 430pm and 7pm.
Workers in the dormer town of Cobh travel to work in Industry and connerce via this narrow twisty road to Cork City, Little Island, Middleton and Carrigtwohil etc. If an RTA or flooding occurs or Belvelly Bridge becomes impassable for a period , the regional economy and therefore the national economy would suffer.

Over 220,00 tourists onboard 105 Cruise liners in a 6 month period in 2019 landed in to the Cruise Liner port of Cobh. They visited Cork city Blarney Midleton and Waterford by bus. The Port of Cork Company estimate that over €11,000,000 was spent locally in this 6 month period. Cobh was voted by the Cruise industry over many years as their No. ! destination in Europe. The Cruise Industry may not return to Cobh post Covid if they feel the road network is not at a standard to ensure their clients return safely and on time to continue their cruise.
More importantly €11,000,000 would be lost to the national economy if the R624 project is not given the green light.
The €100 million cost of the project is essential in the economic development of the Cork East economy. This expenditure would be recouped in a short period of time.

Mike Sweeney

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