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Niamh Leeney
Posted on 19 Nov 2019 1:25 pm

I’m very pleased to see someone bringing up the topic of Early Years in the Dail. And Yes, there is an explosion about to happen! The schemes and inspections are placing a massive burden on providers of Early Years. Only today, I am experiencing, yet again, the inability to contact someone regarding spending hours trying to re register. I know I am not alone in this and daily on social media, providers are stating that they cannot do their work because they are spending hours desperately trying to reregister, join the “hive” etc.

Parents will NOT be able to partake in the NCS scheme as providers cannot get ready. No one answers their calls, documents are returned stating they are not correct. It is a total mess and the stress levels amongst Providers are massive. There are talks of shut downs, walk outs, etc.

The government are not providing the support for Providers that is required , there is fear of not being inspection ready, of not being able to reregister, fear also of incorrect inspections by inexperienced inspectors who only tick boxes and don’t look at quality. Documents are emailed, last minute, by Government departments, to providers informing them of what they have to do, except these documents are so lengthy that providers don’t have time to digest them while they run their centres, support existing parents, deal with new enquiries which are rising every day, support and manage staff and supervise the care and education of the children they actually really do care for!

Something has to be done! And this all comes before the cost of Early Years Care and Education for parents! Costs MUST continue to rise until such time as a way is found to provide a professional wage to the Educators of the adults of tomorrow so that they can afford to stay in this worthy sector and have a living , no, a proper professional wage.

Minister Zappone seeks level 8 candidates ...however these graduates will NEVER work in Early Years...they will head straight to Government jobs as inspectors, teachers in primary schools, they will be acknowledged, respected and will receive a salary commensurate with their years of qualifications.

Children do NOT need educators at this level...they need love most of all, commitment to remain with them ( not staff jumping ship continuously), knowledge ( some of which should be allowed to be from prior learning), patience, kindness and time to be allowed to play and prosper.
Yes, we need action.... but it falls on deaf ears!

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