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Lorraine Leeson
Posted on 25 Oct 2019 5:22 pm

There have been significant challenges for deaf people in accessing the Job Interview Grant. Challenges are individual (the need to secure permission ahead of seeking an interpreter from an Intreo officer, which often means that there is insufficient time available to actually get an interpreter by the time permission has been granted. Once approval is secured, there is the need to have the form signed off by interpreters, interviewers, the interpreting agency), and this again needs sign off from Intreo. We understand that there are thousands of euro outstanding to interpreting agencies because of challenges regarding what parts of the forms have/have not been completed. Thus, there are several systemic barriers that are problematic for deaf people. We report on this and other gaps in the system that impede deaf people seeking employment in our Erasmus+funded project, DESIGNS. See:

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