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Eanna O Cochlain
Posted on 23 Jul 2017 12:01 pm

Dera Mr Cannon.

I note your report on my on going detention in the Philippines.
With respect I would like to correct you in that my case has been elevated to the Supreme court but it is not being progressed by an iota.
It is just sitting there amongst thousands of others in a totally failing legal system.
Unless there is a renewed effort by no less than the taoiseach or President of Ireland my case will almost certainly NEVER be ruled on as is common here because there is no time limit set for the Supreme court. Some cases have not been ruled on for over 70 years.
To expect otherwise in my case would be foolish. I will die here if further action is not taken. I find your comments misleading. they make it seem like something has been done when in fact nothing has. All that has happened in effect id my file has been moved from one enormous pile to the bottom of another even more enormous pile.

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