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steve goode
Posted on 17 Feb 2017 12:14 pm

There has been increased funding for childcare over the past few years this funding has made the delivery of childcare less sustainable as not enough is provided for example the second preschool year we have had to absorb the costs for that firstly because of the very small capital grant available and secondly the capitation rates are too low.
AIM is another example the capitation rates are too low and not enough hours are given so it costs us to provide appropriate resources for a child with special needs. A lot of the funding went to provide therapy services we have no access to those they are lost within the HSE.

I could go on. The sector needs a significant investment that relates to improving quality and sustainability. None of the investment has made much of an impact in these two areas. WE wait with baited breath to see if the SACS makes any difference to the sector

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