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Tuesday, 9 July 2024

Ceisteanna ó Cheannairí - Leaders' Questions


3:05 pm

Photo of Michael Healy-RaeMichael Healy-Rae (Kerry, Independent)

-----in that what comes out has to be truthful. It cannot be lies. There are legal implications. Why are we allowing a situation where the social media companies can broadcast whatever and there are no repercussions? That is wrong. That is what we have to get back to. We have to get back to telling the truth and being fair in our comments. We as a society have to say that we are not going to tolerate it. We are not going to put up any longer with faceless cowards. If these people want to take us on politically or if they want to be politicians, there is no problem in the world with that. Come along and tackle us in the same way that I will tackle the Taoiseach later on about policies. We will have our arguments, the Taoiseach will have his opinion, Sinn Féin will have its opinion and we will all do our own thing and fight our own cases, but we will do so in a fair, honest and direct way. We will not be cowardly in how we do it. A long time ago, I made the mistake of calling these people keyboard warriors.

They are not warriors; they are cowards. They are hiding behind this dirty rotten thing and they think they can say whatever they like to the nation. I am sending a clear message out today: that vile rubbish and bile will not be tolerated by normal people.


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