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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

JobPath Programme: Motion [Private Members]


9:10 pm

Photo of Pat BuckleyPat Buckley (Cork East, Sinn Fein) | Oireachtas source

I will cover some of the human side of the issue. One of my constituents wrote to me and asked me to read the following letter to the House:

Hey Pat, I started in Turas Nua the start of December, unsure of the date, this is my 2nd time doing this scam just like many others. I attended the 1st appointment which took roughly 2 hours. My next appointment was for the 1st week of January which I attended to be told when I got there that my adviser was sick. So I asked the secretary to inform the adviser that I can not be there any time after 12. She asked why so I explained how my 80 year old mother gets sick in the afternoons (which she genuinely does) and I am the only one around to be with her. I then get another appointment for the following week at 1:30 so I rang three days before hand to inform him that I will not be attending as its after 12:30. I told him the latest I can push it is 1 p.m. His response was you come when we tell you come - I will not repeat his response here - He then asked had I filled out carers allowance forms and had I sent them in. I said ya otherwise I would have lost it! I haven’t. I did not claim for it when I was caring for my father up to his death and nor will I he for my mother. I also informed him that I am available 7 days a week up to 12 possibly to 1 some days. So I am engaging but he clearly is not! then get a appointment for next Tuesday at 11:30 which I have no issue with. However then yesterday he sends me 2 more appointments 1 for the following Tuesday and the next, 1:30 to 4:30 for so-called courses which are just a waste of my time. I have attached the appointment letters below. Have I any rights here whatsoever? Because I'm not jumping through hoops for no private for-profit company and nor will I be bullied or threatened by them.

I wanted to humanise the issue because I receive these types of emails once or twice weekly. I appeal to the Minister to withdraw her countermotion and to please support the motion.


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