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carole Barrett
Posted on 19 Jun 2009 12:25 am

I am a preschool provider. I will not be taken part in this new scheme. I cannot understand why the government did not give this grant directly to the parent's and leave them with their choice of preschool for their child/children.

I agree with any assistance given to preschool children by any government, but I do not agree with the provider having to avail of it nor do I agree with my school being 'hijacked' to suit the government.
Parent's have a constitutional right to choose the preschool/education of their choice for their children. This scheme will not provide this, because parent's will be forced to avail of the 'free' place provider. Which in turn will leave other preschool to close down, and eventually lead to a shortage of preschool places within the community. But by giving the money directly to the parent's (as they did with the early childhood supplement) they will be free to choose their preschool of choice and providers can continue as they are. (I am tax compliant, registered with HSE and qualified Montessori teacher with many years experience and have my own purpose built school) I believe this scheme to be unconstitutional in every way and will therefore not be signing up to same.

Give the grant directly to the parent's and let them decide what preschool they wish to avail of.

I would also like to know who gave Mr Andrews permission to give my preschool places to parents for free' and in return give me a capitation grant of �64.50! Dictatorship at it's best!!!! Why I wonder, did Mr Andrews not consult with the preschool/childcare representative bodies before dictating this scheme to providers???

I did not incur the expense to build my school, furnish it, for Mr Andrews to come along and basically say, thank you for saving us the job and here is �64.50 to make us look good as a government.

I really hope many providers do not avail of this scheme....any may they give the grant directly to the parents.

Did the goverment not give the grant to the parent's because they would avail of it, and gave it to the schools instead hoping they would not take part and they will have their money back.

I shall now be out of a job and will join the already lengthy dole queues.

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