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Cora Stack
Posted on 11 Sep 2021 7:15 am

This appears to be happening all too commonly in the third level sector where much is changing at the moment
people assigned to roles where there is no open and transparent recruitment and indeed where there was an open competition the criteria were such that many from the ordinary rank of the academic profession were not eligible to apply completely negating and disempowering
and minimising or gasligting principles policies and procedures of equal opportunities equality and diversity openness and transparency and accountability at the recruitment level all stages.
It appears to me that HE organizations do not have any written policies on how they implement these principles at the recruitment level starting at the criteria required for the post and then the selection process interview and so on - oversight appears to be in need of considerable review given the amount of taxpayers money that is being paid for all these posts and one should expect that meritocracy and ability should win out. There appears to be very poor oversight of the interview process at all levels. There is no transparent and indepedent appeals policy in most cases.
Many of the issues discussed and highlighted here I am sure if the spotlight was put on other HE institutions the same questions would arise in particular with regard to lack of transparency accountability oversight regular auditing for compliance and open recruitment for key positions in organizations. These raise very important governance and compliance issues which need addressing.

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