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Pauline Grogan
Posted on 19 Nov 2020 5:58 pm

Joe O’Brien TD, you really should question the validity of the information that you are being provided to reply to questions. The Civil Servant that gave you that information is making you look foolish.


"While I understand that CE participants may wish to remain on a CE scheme for longer than the permissible time, the Deputy will appreciate that such extensions would have a Detrimental Effect on other long-term unemployed candidates wishing to avail of the opportunities afforded by CE."

As Trump would say this statement is FAKE NEWS. There are no queues of people waiting to step into CE positions. Hundreds of projects are struggling to recruit and a big number are on the verge of closing because there are no referrals from the DEASP or Local Employment Services.

So Joe next time you are asked to answer a question, make sure you do a FACT CHECK on the information that the Civil Servants are feeding you. Do you know the Meals on Wheels in you constituency is struggling to provide a vital service because they don’t have enough participants.

If you doubt what I am telling you, pick up the phone and contact a few of the Community Employment projects in your constituency, before you allow yourself to be put in that situation again.

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