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Mark McNeill
Posted on 9 Jun 2020 1:49 pm

As a resource worker in Youthreach who additionally is a qualified teacher and who teaches students the same weekly hours as fellow teachers for less pay and less annual leave and suffering burn out is there any a way forward to have equality in this sector. I have just completed 4 years in DCU to be able to receive my teaching council number which Is not now required as I work in Youthreach as Youthreach is not a “recognized school”. I know there is a lot of unrest amongst Youthreach staff in relation to the above issues. If this could be taken seriously would be greatly appreciated. The “students” we cater for are still students who are attending school just not the mainstream school which once September 2020 comes round will not be a normal school environment for any student. Main stream schools with their smaller classroom numbers will soon be able to cate4 better for their SEN students and be just like Youthreach,

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