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Yuriy Prospera
Posted on 8 Mar 2020 5:49 pm

Dear Mr. Ross,

Our company has imported two used 5 Axle rigid vehicles in to the country from Netherlands (made by GINAF TRUCKS B.V) in 2014 & 2016 and got them registered in Ireland.

Both of our vehicles where limited to use in Ireland to a certain weight by RSA & NSAI (autorisation plate fitted for 32t Gross or 46t in a combination, with GVW left blank), as there was no legislation to limit such vehicles before 01/02/2018,
and such limitation were unlawfully done. Till this day I could not get the issue sorted and get the vehicles re plaited.

At the same period of time about 300 similar vehicles was registered in the country without limitation and allowed to be used up to the manufacturer design Gross Vehicle Weight.

Kindly asking you for help to resolve this issue as the situation had a significant
damage to the business.
Supporting documents can be attached.

Best regards
Prospera Limited
Yuriy Tykhovod

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