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Miriam Murphy
Posted on 19 Jul 2019 4:34 pm

Thank you Pat for your kind words in this interesting debate . I Know people do get fed listening always about "ACCESSIBILITY" for people with disability but we must realise ACCESS is for all, the elderly - which as we know have a huge importance in tourism, filling our hotels all year around with tours, day trips, etc.
Families with young children with disabilities, new parents with buggies also need access.
but the most important issues in any premises is accessible toilets that are large enough. Every persons's needs are different. But we need a high standard regarding toilets in hotels, theaters, music venues, every where that the "Normal" person goes. We do have a life - we too have friends that we socialise with in towns and cities . And always planning a trip does not work out because the information from a person on a telephone is not what you get when you arrive which is very upsetting and annoying and leaves the whole outing a bad experience. hence not returning and giving out bad publicity regarding the premises.

On many occasions, I have been to places where accessibility in to is brilliant with access ramp, but inside the toilets are not, or restaurant has steps into it and no ramp, or a split level bar with no access.

I feel every strongly that Board FAILTE AND Tourism Ireland - or any group who are in the tourism trade need to educate themselves in many different ways but the simple question is "ASK SOMEONE FOR ADVICE, SOMEONE WITH A DISABILITY OR A NATIONAL DISABILITY GROUP -

Sorry the comments so long ....

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