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Monica Condron
Posted on 1 Jun 2019 10:08 am

Thanks Willie O'Dea for asking the question that should have been asked long ago by any TD with an interest in justice for pensioners affected by the 2012 Budget pension changes. It was obvious to anyone capable of a few calculations that Minister Doherty's fix to the Budget 2012 anomalies was not going to solve this problem for everyone. It did however help post 2012 pensioners with the backdating problems of the 1994 homemakers scheme and for those affected it will result in increased pensions. Unfortunately I am still one of the 50% who will not be getting a full pension because I have no caring contributions to claim. I may get around €5 extra but I am still waiting on my pension review outcome. Fianna Fáil can show how much they care about the 50% still on reduced pensions because of the 2012 changes by making it an issue in the next election.

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