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Tom Walsh
Posted on 15 Dec 2018 11:32 am

This Focus Group has been given an 18 month Timeline and needs to engage all parties involved.
To date only one meeting has taken place and no progress since then.
They need a serious Project Management team to pull this off . They need to Research/ Design/ Cost/ Evaluate/ Public Consultations and Prepare report.
At current pace this will not happen.
Every River in Ireland with A Hydro Dam has had a massive effect on its fish stocks. Urgent action is needed and not a talking shop.
At the end of 18 months [16 months from now] there has to be a fully costed and clear plan, that is ready to go, and funding in place !
Not a half hatched idea with no clear way forward. We have had 60 years of half hatched plans.
Get the Focus Group to appoint a serious project Manager.

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