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Terence Brazil
Posted on 14 Jun 2018 11:42 am

Dear Willie, I have received a threatening letter from "Turas Nua" stating I failed to attend an initial activation meeting, however the letter I received was my first official contact with them. I had received text message the previous week welcoming me to Turas etc. What I want to know if I do not attend their next meeting will I be liable to have my social welfare sanctioned or stopped.I returned to education as an adult after becoming redundant and received BA honours degree. Last September I enrolled in Mary Immaculate College to pursue a career as a teacher in the adult education sector. However this February I had to leave this course because I could not live on the grant of €260 per month and also because my elderly Mother had an accident and was hospitalised for a month. Today I am her sole carer and she can not clime stairs or use shower without my assistance. Also If I go to meeting on 19/06/2018 she would have to stay up stairs till I return after three hour meeting? I am a person who want to work and I am at present actively looking for suitable employment.

Kind Regards Terence Brazil, 0851251955

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